10 Things You Didn’t Know about Angelina Jordan

Angelina Jordan

Time and again, we come across some of the most incredible talents of the world through America’s Got Talent.We were once again treated to a surprise when a young lady named Angelina Jordan walked on stage on this year’s AGT: The Champions, opened her mouth, and gave us one of the best renditions of Elton John’s classic, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. That was our introduction to the amazing talent of Jordan, but she’s actually more of a professional already than anything. If that’s something you didn’t already know, then here are 10 things about Angelina Jordan that you probably didn’t know either.

1. She’s from Norway

Angelina Jordan Astar was born on January 10, 2006 in Oslo, Norway. The 14-year old singer still lives and studies in school there to this day. She’s quite mature for her age, so she might seem older at times. But the young starlet is just on her way, even though she’s done so much already since she started becoming more active in the industry in 2014. It’s clear that this child singer will go the distance, and she’s already starting to make her way.

2. She was in Norway’s Got Talent

This was where Jordan got discovered back in 2014. When Jordan auditioned for the show, she was only 7 years old. Despite of that fact, Jordan was totally professional and had her own unique style of singing already. For the show, Jordan gave a chilling rendition of Billie Holiday’s Fly Me to the Moon. Soon after, videos of her singing started going viral on YouTube, as people became enthralled at the talent packaged up in such a young girl.

3. She performed at the Nobel Peace Prize concert

Since 1994, the Nobel Organization has been conducting concerts to honor Nobel Peace Prize laureates. Performing at the concert has been one of Jordan’s biggest dreams, and in 2014 she had the opportunity to perform at the concert. Her dream came true, as she sang Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World. The privilege and honor to sing at such an esteemed event has always been given to some of the music industry’s best artists. Most recent performers have included John Legend, Sting, Jennifer Hudson, Florence and the Machine, and so many more.

4. She’s on Netflix

If you just can’t get enough of Jordan at the moment and are trying to find other avenues where you can watch her, you should turn on Netflix. You can find Jordan on the last episode of the 2014 season of Lilyhammer. She’s the girl that’s singing in a bar. She might’ve been too young for that role, but we can tell that she definitely fits in on TV. We’re not sure if she’s stumbled upon something she could be good at, but for now, we’re just enjoying watching and hearing her sing.

5. She didn’t make Top 5 of AGT: Champions

Fans are furious. People are scratching their heads. Many viewers were surprised to find out that Jordan didn’t even make the Top 5 cut for this year’s show. While the competition was definitely fierce this year, many people believed that Jordan could’ve taken the title. In fact, a poll was conducted among viewers of the show that revealed this very truth.

6. She’s a published author

Jordan is talented. We know this because we’ve seen and heard her sing. However, many people don’t know that she’s actually a published author. In 2015, Jordan published a book titled, “Between Two Hearts” (Mellom to hjerter). Jordan’s grandmother Mary Zemeni illustrated the book, and it tells the story of Angelina’s true experiences. It’s such an incredible achievement for any person to be able to publish–let alone a 13-year old girl.

7. She always performs barefoot

This tidbit is actually connected to the book that she published. On a trip to Iran, Jordan met an orphaned girl. Details of that meeting can be read on her book. But to cut the long story short, Jordan ended up giving her shoes to the orphaned girl. In return, the girl promised Jordan that she would always pray for her. This is the reason why Jordan always performs barefoot. It’s a beautiful and moving story about a truly incredible young woman. We’re not sure where the orphaned girl is now or whether Jordan keeps in touch with her. All we know is that she’s done something truly selfless and heartfelt.

8. She has a YouTube channel

It’s smart for Jordan to capitalize on her fame, but we know that she’s doing it more than just that. Her YouTube channel is a way for her to engage with her fans, and it’s also a good way for people to find out exactly what she’s about. Jordan’s YouTube channel is filled with everything related to her music. And if you want to get to know her talent, simply spend some time on her YouTube channel.

9. She has three albums

Believe it or not, this young girl already has three full albums under her belt. She released her first album, My Christmas, in 2015. A second album followed suit in 2017, and it was her first full EP. The self-titled album is full of covers of her favorite songs (some of our favorites too) including Fly Me to the Moon and I Put a Spell on You .Her third album, It’s Magic,was released in 2018, and it was double her 1st EP. This album has 16 classic jazz standards that we can just listen to all day long.

10. She comes from a multicultural heritage

Although Jordan lives in Oslo now, she’s actually lived in other countries including the USA. Her family’s heritage is filled with different cultures including Norwegian, Iranian, Swedish, and Japanese. She plays the violin, flute, and piano, and she also attends the Oslo Waldorf School. She has a younger sister that looks up to her and all her achievements.

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