Gabby Douglas is Gunning to Be a Marvel Superhero

Gabby Douglas is a groundbreaker. The Olympian broke records by becoming the 2012 champion in the individual all around competition for the Rio Olympics battle. She was the first woman of color to accomplish the feat to win her spot on the Olympic team. Mattel even honored her with a “Shero line” Barbie doll created in the gymnast’s image. She’s an inspirational figure in the world today, but she has her sights set even higher. The Barbie doll is cool and so is the press that she’s received for her impressive accomplishments, but she wants more. Gabby wants to join the elite Marvel Superhero crowd and we couldn’t think of a more qualified person to make the team.

Does she have what it takes?

We’re not sure about the whole acting thing because it is a craft that artisans spend their lives perfecting. It takes discipline and talent. We know that Gabby possesses both, but in a different discipline. She’s a tremendous athlete who understands the importance of of dedication and maintaining focus. When it comes to athleticism, she’s probably ahead of some actors in her agility and stamina. After all, she’s been training for years. She’s a wanna be superhero, but really, the girl is no poser. She’s already a type of superhero in her own right. She definitely has shown us what she is made of in real life and that’s not acting. It’s a good start.

Headed towards Hollywood

Gabby is not a stranger to interviews because of her sports related accomplishments. The question of what she envisioned for her future was bound to come up. So was the one about what her ‘dream job’ would be. She was fully prepared with answers and here is what she disclosed. Gabby made the announcement that she has plans to take her massive talents to Hollywood. When she was asked what kind of job she would be looking for, there was no hesitation. She’s set her sights on becoming the “next crime-fightin’ megastar.” These are some pretty lofty aspirations, but we truly need to consider the source in her case. Gabby may have had a few struggles in reaching her goals, but the failures along the way didn’t hold her back. If anything, they spurred her on to make the necessary corrections and keep fighting through until she could grab the brass ring.

Why she’s going to make it

We’re fairly confident in Gabby’s persistence and her natural talents. If she’s not where she needs to be with regards to acting, she’ll sign up for lessons. Gabby is not one to back away from a challenge. She’s good at assessing the situation and taking the needed steps to get where she wants to be. She already has a good sized following, so it seems reasonable that she’ll be taking her fan base along with her. This will make her a more attractive prospect in Hollywood and it should open some of the right doors for her as she pursues her dreams of joining the Marvel Superheroes team.

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