Funny Story: Tom Felton Might be a Gryffindor

This might not be up there on the news meter when it comes to the most interesting things in the world but it’s definitely something that’s bound to be kind of funny for those Potterheads that have been hanging with the franchise for years on end now. Most if not all of those that are truly interested in the Harry Potter franchise will know and recognize Tom Felton, the man that once played the spoiled little Slytherin, Draco Malfoy. Off-camera it’s been said that Tom’s a pretty nice guy, but when was in character, this guy was a holy, spoiled terror since the character was from a rich, pureblood family that thought the sun rose and set on their regal heads. As you can bet, Draco was proud to be sorted into the same house as his father and his family, but just imagine if he’d been selected for another house. Apparently, Tom Felton actually took an online quiz to see which house he would be sorted into when it came to Hogwarts, and the answer he received couldn’t have been any more amusing than what was revealed. Who would have thought that a kid who was Slytherin through and through would be sorted into House Gryffindor?

Yep, Tom Felton was apparently sorted into the opposing house of his character, and it’s fair to say that this caused a bit of shock as well as laughter among a lot of people since for years this individual was a part of Slytherin, and there was no other way to make him anything else. It’s easy to give props to Felton since he played the part of Draco beautifully and made a lot of people feel that this kid had few if any redeeming values since he’d been brought up in a home and by parents that made it clear that as a Malfoy he was superior to anyone and everyone. 

We’ve all likely met at least one or more individuals like Draco in our lives, who think that they’re simply awesome because of who their family is and will lord over others because they come from riches. Draco’s continual feud with Harry Potter wasn’t always his fault, yeah I said it, since he was being constantly pushed by his father to be something he probably knew deep down that he wasn’t. Even at the end of the eight-movie series, it’s likely that sending his own kid to Hogwarts didn’t mean that Draco and Harry had become friends, as it was more likely a bond formed by survivors of the last wizarding war that kept them in roughly the same orbit. It’s funny though, in the book, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the sons of Draco and Harry do end up becoming friends, which is definitely odd, but also kind of endearing. It is worth noting that during the movies, Draco made it clear at least once or twice that being a Slytherin and following in his father’s footsteps was proving to be too much for him, as he broke down or failed more than once thanks to Potter or his own arrogance. In a way, it almost felt as though Draco was the type of character you couldn’t help but feel sorry for since he was expected to be perfect in his father’s eyes, and it just never happened. 

In fact, at one point it was easier to pity Draco than anything since he was being torn between his loyalty to his classmates and school and the Death Eaters and his family. In the end, it was his mother, Narcissa, that managed to goad him forward. The fact that she took her son and left the war when it was revealed that Harry Potter was alive was very telling, as she’d had enough and wanted to simply get away from it. One can almost wonder what might have happened had Draco been a Gryffindor to start with, but it’s also easy to think that his father might have come close to disowning him, or that he might have tried to turn Draco into a spy for Lord Voldemort. It’s not likely that Draco and Harry would have been able to coexist in the same house, as there was way too much ego there for anyone to contend with. 

But learning that Tom Felton was sorted in Gryffindor, even if it’s for a simple little internet quiz that doesn’t mean much of anything, is pretty hilarious since it tells us a couple of things. One is that it’s not really that hard to get into Gryffindor, and the other is that Tom must be a pretty decent guy in real life, which makes it all the more impressive that he was able to play a character like Draco Malfoy, a guy who many people would have loved to see humbled a few times. In all honesty, people did get their wish when it came to the movies. 

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