Frozen 2: BURNT – Anna Goes to War Against Elsa (Fake Trailer)

Frozen 2: BURNT – Anna Goes to War Against Elsa (Fake Trailer)

As fake trailers go this one was insanely entertaining and not just because of the whole Anna vs. Elsa and fire vs. ice thing, well…at least not entirely because of that, but because it added in several other aspects of pop culture as well and made it make sense in a very strange but engaging way. It is interesting to wonder just how Anna feels about Elsa getting so much attention after the first movie and whether or not there’s ever been any jealousy since she’s never going to be the queen unless Elsa is somehow deposed or passes on. A lot of folks might state that Anna doesn’t really seem to care about this and would rather just live out her life with Kristoff, happy and content, but obviously someone had a different idea when it came to the whole sisterly bond between the two. Thinking that Anna would go and oppose her sister is kind of interesting as well as kind of funny since like it or not Anna is kind of impulsive as it was shown in the first movie, and if she ever managed to feel this way about her sister she might actually be the kind of person that would go off and seek out a way that could give her the advantage against Elsa when it comes to taking her one on one.

It does pose an intriguing question as to who would be stronger and who would be willing to go further than the other in a fight like this. The whole idea of being sisters is what’s caused Anna and Elsa to bond after all, but if there was ever a chance that they would fight against each other the big question would be who possesses the will to keep fighting? My money would be on Anna mostly since Elsa, despite defending herself and even seeming kind of aggressive in the first movie, seems more likely to back down and try to make peace before anyone really gets hurt. But if Anna has her hackles raised there’s no telling what it might take to finally get her to come of that anger high, other than the reality of her sister being down and hurt. As far as the elements they’re dealing with it does seem as though Anna might run out of energy sooner than Elsa largely because generating the kind of fire being shown in the trailer takes a tremendous amount of energy, and as such it would likely drain Anna in a very short time unless Mario was able to give her something to help with her endurance, or if the writers were bound to think that she’s just tough enough to keep the fire burning for that long. More to the point though, while fire is destructive and can wipe out just about anything that stands in its path, all the cold has to do is watch and wait, as eventually the fire ill die down and the chill will seep into what’s left. that’s the chill beauty of ice and cold weather however, it doesn’t take any real effort for things to go cold, it simply happens after a while. That’s not to say that it doesn’t require any energy to speed up the process, as Elsa would likely tire eventually as well, and the heat would no doubt get to her. But the fight would be one that would still come down to who was ready to call it and who cared more about the other.

As for the rest of it the trailer was pretty hilarious as the two armies went at each other, with the Ice Bucket Challenge being featured and Flaming Hot Cheetos scaring Elsa’s hockey mask-wearing soldiers away. Someone went to a good deal of effort for this and like always a bunch of us on the internet are glad they did since it gives us something funny to look at and then comment on whether we like it or not. Well I happen to like this since it was very funny and appreciated since like it or not the dynamic between Elsa and Anna does seem as though it might change here very soon with Frozen II and it could be that things in Arendelle won’t be the same after a while. It is enough to wonder just how much beyond the kingdom there is however and if Disney will ever allow one story to coincide with another in a more obvious way than using Easter eggs. After all, some of these stories seem as though they’re occurring during roughly the same time period and it might be fun to see some of the princesses get together and create a movie that has a bigger scope than either of their individual movies could accomplish on their own. It’s an idea, right?

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