10 Things You Didn’t Know about Francie Frane

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Francie Frane

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Francie Frane

Francie Frane’s name has recently become a fixture in the headlines thanks to her relationship with Duane ‘Dog’ Champman. Best-known by Dog the Bounty Hunter, Chapman has a reality TV show that aired from 2004 to 2012. Although it’s been nearly a decade since the show aired its last episode, Chapman hasn’t been able to completely evade the spotlight. News of his relationship with Frane has only made that even more true. Now that Chapman and Frane have announced their engagement, lots of people are interested in knowing more about who she is. Keep reading for 10 things you didn’t know Francie Frane.

1. She’s From Colorado

Before her relationship with Dog, Francie was living a very private life that was entirely removed from any gossip headlines. Francie is originally from Colorado where she spent years living and working on a ranch. Dog the Bounty Hunter is also from Colorado.

2. She’s A Widow

Like Dog, Francie has also suffered the loss of a spouse. Her husband, Bob, passed away a few months before Dog’s late wife, Beth. Both of them died after long battles with cancer. Although the circumstances were sad, it’s actually Bob’s death that initially brought Francie and Dog together.

3. Dog’s Kids Like Her

Shortly after his wife’s passing, Dog began dating a long time friend named Moon Angell. However, their relationship was met with lots of controversy and many people commented on the fact that the relationship seemed to happen too soon after Beth’s passing. Angell and Dog partied ways in February and many people close to the couple were relieved. Although his relationship with Francie began soon after, the response was overwhelmingly positive. Dog’s family seems to really like Francie. His daughter, Lyssa, believes that Francie is a good match for her father and says that her mother would’ve wanted him to be happy.

4. She Was Pleasantly Surprised By Dog’s Proposal

When Dog decided to ask for Francie’s hand in marriage, he went about it in the traditional way. He got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife. Francie was so flattered by the gesture that she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.

5. She Believes God Brought Her And Dog Together

Francie keeps her faith in God at the center of her life, and she’s a firm believer that God fully intended for her and Dog to be together. A friend of Francie’s said that God gave her a message that let her know Francie and Dog were going to get together. The message may have seemed like a stretch at the moment, but it looks like things are working out exactly as Francie’s friend said they would.

6. She Loves The Outdoors

Francie enjoys the simple things in life, and one of those things includes getting outside and enjoying some fresh air. Whether it be walking, hiking, or just sitting in the sun, Francie really loves to spend time outdoors.

7. She Loves Dogs

Let’s not ignore the irony of someone who loves dogs also falling in love with a person whose nickname is Dog. That’s exactly the case for Francie. She’s a huge dog lover and she appears to have two adorable pet dogs.

8. Her Father Fought In WWII

Francie’s father was a part of what has been dubbed “The Greatest Generation”. This generation is known for its contributions to society both in the United States and overseas. Francie’s father is a veteran who fought in both World War II, The Korean War, and the Vietnam War. Francie loves to wear her dad’s favorite hat which proudly displays his involvement in the military.

9. She Didn’t Know Who Dog Was Before They Met

Although Dog the Bounty Hunter is fairly famous, Francie had no idea who he was until shortly before they met. When she first saw a picture of him, all she could think was “I have no idea who that is – and that guy needs a haircut.” It would be interesting to know how Francie feels about his hair now since he still hasn’t cut it.

10. She’s A Grandmother

Francie is a proud grandmother. She likes to be private about the details about her personal life, but we do know that she has at least one grandchild. Dog is also a grandparent and the two seem to be well on the way to bringing their families together.

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