Paul Walker’s Fast & Furious 10 Second Car Sells for $550k at Auction

Paul Walker’s Fast & Furious 10 Second Car Sells for $550k at Auction

Paul Walker’s Fast & Furious 10 Second Car Sells for $550k at Auction

It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that a car from the Fast and Furious franchise would pull down a pretty hefty price at auction, but one that was driven by Paul Walker on the set and became an iconic car within the franchise, to begin with, was bound to pull down the big bucks without any difficulty. The Toyota Supra Mark IV that was picked up by Brian in the movie and was thought to be a hunk of junk turned out to be one of the most awesome cars in the franchise since it also carried a great deal of weight after the race between Brian and Dom near the end of the movie. This car also symbolizes the fact that Brian managed to get in deep with Dom and his crew at one point, earning their trust and knowing that he would have to betray it at one point. In a big way, this car is a big part of what sparked off the Fast and Furious franchise along with many other elements that went into the making of a story that’s stretched out a little too far at this point.

It’s hard to say what Paul Walker might think of the FF franchise at this point, but a lot of people would likely state that he’d be happy to see how far it’s come and that it’s still on track to be one of the biggest franchises ever in movie history. These movies were a big part of his career at one point after all and are the reason why a lot of people know who he was. Unfortunately, Walker didn’t get to finish his work on the seventh movie as his brothers stepped in to help finish. Walker’s fatal car crash is still remembered by many fans and his costars as he’s sorely missed, especially considering that he was one of the original members of the movie that managed to stick around for several installments of the Fast and Furious franchise. In fact, Dom, Letty, Mia, and Brian were the only original characters left from the first movie since Vince did make an appearance in the fifth movie, but his character was killed off for one reason or another.

The work that went into this car and the sentiment that it comes with jacked the price up to $550 thousand dollars, which is an enormous sum to pay for any vehicle but apparently is worth it to someone since the car was rolled off the auction block after being won by the interested party. Having that kind of money to toss around for something like this car has to be nice, but owning a part of movie history would be even nicer since the individual can now say that they have a genuine car from one of the most popular franchises around. Whether or not the individual will be taking the car for a spin is hard to say since a lot of people wouldn’t even want to start the engine for fear of lowering the value. But whatever happens with it one can be certain that this item will be the topic of a great deal of conversation for the buyer and whoever wants to know the history of the car.

An amusing thought is that when the first movie came out there were a lot of people who felt that the Fast and Furious would never amount to more than a single movie. It was a great action movie about a bunch of thieves that stole merchandise from truckers using high-performance vehicles. They were never caught up until someone finally gained their trust and learned what they were all about, and in the process, he became one of them. One can imagine that people were laughing their heads off as the Fast and Furious franchise kept moving forward and started something that a lot of people didn’t see coming. While the franchise has definitely become kind of silly over the years, what with the type of technology that doesn’t exist and the kind of car stunts that even seasoned mechanics and drivers admit couldn’t and wouldn’t happen, people have continued to be thrilled by what’s seen on the screen.

That’s the thing about action movies though, even if they’re unreal and people know it there’s still plenty to be gained from showing folks something that might not be feasible in real life, but is easily something that audiences will love because it’s so over the top. One can only hope that the person who bought the Supra will end up taking care good care of it since it’s an iconic car from a franchise that is bound to stick around for a little while longer. But as for driving it? Well, that’s up to the buyer.

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