10 Things You Didn’t Know about Crispin Glover

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Crispin Glover

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Crispin Glover

If you’ve ever watched a movie with Crispin Glover in it then you might very well have thought that there’s something not quite right with the guy. He’s intelligent, he’s personable, and he’s enjoyable as an actor, but there’s some quality behind his eyes that doesn’t seem to mesh as well with the humanity around him that can be noticed if you really look. That being said however he’s one of the better actors out there and is able to entertain people with his eccentricities since so many think that he’s the kind of genius that is able to see things that others don’t. Such a thing could be very true but it’s still worth noticing that he’s kind of an odd duck sometimes and that seems to give him the kind of magnetism that draws people in as they either want to know what it is that he has to offer or they’re just morbidly curious about him, or both.

Here are a few things about him you might not have known.

10. George McFly was almost a boxer instead of a writer.

This would have certainly turned the story around a bit since George McFly was the wimpy, nerdy kind of guy in high school and as an adult wasn’t really a big, beefy-looking or even athletic-looking guy. But socking Biff in the past could have put him on a very different course it seems. It’s probably better that it didn’t however.

9. Two of his characters have been affected by time travel.

Obviously George McFly benefited from time travel in Back to the Future since he went from being a zero to a hero that knocked out the school bully. But in Hot Tub Time Machine Crispin played the one-armed bellboy that was surly and rude in the beginning, but was chipper and cheerful later on when it was established that by changing the timeline he got to keep his arm.

8. He’s three years younger than Michael J. Fox.

This means that in Back to the Future he had to be aged up a bit at the end and in the beginning to actually appear old enough to be Fox’s dad. Otherwise it might have looked a little awkward to have a ‘dad’ that appeared to be the same age. Well, back then it might have seemed odd.

7. Crispin has starred with Johnny Depp in three different movies.

He’s been in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?, Dead Man, and Alice in Wonderland, so it’s fair to say that he and Depp have been working together for a while. He also played a character in Epic Movie that Depp tried to make famous, Willy Wonka, but his version was a lot more demented.

6. He’s written several books.

You would probably have to be a fan of his to really know what they are since a lot of them are admittedly kind of disturbing and off the beaten path in terms of what they’re about, but he’s gotten them all published through his family’s company.

5. Crispin sued Steven Spielberg over Back to the Future II.

He didn’t appear in the second film as there was a dispute about how much he would be paid, but Spielberg decided to use his likeness anyway. The unfortunate part was that Crispin didn’t give his consent so he went to court against Spielberg over the use of his likeness and won.

4. His professional career started in the late 70s.

It started in 1977 to be precise and he’s been acting ever since. He took to acting very early in life and has been showing up here and there throughout the years as one character or another, sometimes a bit deranged but always entertaining.

3. He’s a vegan.

Some people have been going vegan later on in life but Crispin started on a vegan diet when he was in his 20s and has stuck to it ever since. It’s a rather different diet that a lot of people can’t seem to hang with but the gist of it is that it’s a different lifestyle that not everyone really enjoys.

2. Crispin is 11 years older than Angelina Jolie.

The one benefit of the movie that the two of them were in is that it was all CGI. Beowulf wasn’t about to win any major awards since it was something that was impressive in a way but not the kind of film that a lot of critics would say is worth an Oscar. But in the film Jolie played the mother of Grendel, the character that Crispin was playing.

1. He’s been dubbed as a madman and a genius.

It takes some skill to be thought of as both, though in truth he’s neither as he’s a bit eccentric and has a unique vision that a lot of people don’t understand. But it’s a lot easier for people to use labels than get to know other individuals.

Personally I think the guy is a bit mad, but a lot of the best people are.Back to the Future

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