10 Things You Didn’t Know about Francesca Hayward

Francesca Hayward is moving up in the world it would seem since despite her already impressive career she’s going to be seen in the upcoming movie Cats, which is already gaining a great deal of skepticism from a lot of people as it’s been revealed that some folks think she’s been whitewashed for her role since she’s playing the part of a white-furred cat, when she’s very obviously a woman of color. Some might argue that those complaining are reading too much into it, but with the societal landscape the way it is at the moment one can’t help but think that this might be something that could possibly damage her chances of being seen in a favorable light when it comes to her movie career, which is just starting. Hopefully it won’t damage her reputation any since she’s been building that for a while now and has earned every bit of praise she’s received.

Here are a few things about Francesca you might not have known.

10. She’s been into ballet for a large part of her life.

Ballet has been a part of Francesca’s life since she was very young and has been the one thing that has really allowed her to become known throughout the years. Many probably don’t know who she is unless they’ve been following her for long enough.

9. Her social media presence is still building.

She has a sizable following at this time but for good or ill it would seem that after Cats she might have a few more followers and there might be more people looking at her posts in order to find out just who she is and where she came from. Hopefully it will be a positive experience as her reputation continues to build.

8. She’s starring in the new Cats movie.

So far the feeling that is being generated around the internet is that this movie looks absolutely horrendous and might not stand a chance with critics or fans. Things could switch around though once people see the movie, which is hopeful since so far not a lot of people really have a lot of positive things to say about what they’ve seen in the trailer.

7. Francesca has been a part of the Royal Ballet for a while.

To those that know anything about ballet this is a big deal since the prestige and the notoriety that can come from being a part of this organization are both something that can elevate an individual to great heights and do wonders for their career.

6. She doesn’t consider herself to be a singer.

Francesca does have a lovely singing voice and as per her roles she’s had to use it more than once, but she still doesn’t consider herself to be a singer which might be due to the fact that it’s simply part of each role and not something she does independently outside of the stage. Some people might want to claim that of course they’re a singer, but she prefers to not separate one part of her role from the rest of it.

5. Her reputation as a dancer is well deserved.

If you see her in action she might just take your breath away since she is incredibly talented and able to make even the most stubborn non-believer stand up and pay attention since she is just that good at what she does. The passion and the drive she brings to her craft is nothing less than inspiring since it’s quite obvious that this is everything to her and is something she’s willing to give everything to.

4. She was born in Kenya.

As a lot of people have shown where we’re born isn’t always where we’re bound to stay. She and her family moved to England at one point and she eventually found her love for dance, which as you can see has led her to the life she now lives and the reputation she’s worked so hard for.

3. Francesca is still in her 20s.

It’s hard to say just what the cutoff age is for dancers but thankfully at this time she’s still pretty young and should be able to keep going for a while since youth does seem to be favored when one is a dancer. As she gets older though it does stand to reason that she might start looking at other prospects.

2. It sounds as though her net worth is still under review.

It’s kind of hard to gauge someone’s net worth at times if they haven’t done a whole lot that people know about, plus some people seem to refrain from publishing what they’re worth now and again for their own reasons. But whatever it is at this point one might assume that’s kind of high.

1. She’s become an award-winning dancer.

Francesca has been well-rewarded for her talents, though it’s going to be interesting to see just how much of that translates to Cats and how much or how little people are going to care.

Hopefully her talent and her voice will be enough to carry her part of the movie.

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