Fox Nation: A New Frontier in Streaming and Political Commentary

Fox News Enters the Streaming Arena

As more and more people around the world turn to web-based video streaming for their entertainment needs, traditional cable networks are struggling to keep up with the rapidly changing landscape. However, Fox News is ready to embrace the future by launching its own standalone streaming service, Fox Nation, by the end of 2018, joining the likes of Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Video.

A Platform for Right-Leaning Commentary

Fox Nation will primarily focus on the network’s main product: right-leaning commentary. The platform will feature a plethora of original shows and new programs, many of which will be created and filmed daily. While expanding their staff, Fox News will also retain cameos from popular anchors such as Sean Hannity. It’s important to note that Fox Nation will not replace any existing programming on Fox News cable; it will be a completely separate service.

John Finley, a program development and production supervisor for Fox, describes Fox Nation as being “designed to appeal to the Fox superfan…the folks who watch Fox News every night for hours.” With the web-based streaming market becoming increasingly saturated, newcomers like ESPN Plus, CBS, and HBO are all vying for a foothold in the industry. Fox Nation will have to work hard to carve out its own niche.

Presidential Support and Public Interaction

One unique advantage Fox News has is being the top choice of President Donald Trump. This helps maintain their ratings at a time when most traditional cable networks are losing viewers to streaming services. Furthermore, the top television personalities on Fox News have a connection with the President that could be beneficial for promoting Fox Nation, such as through exclusive interviews or appearances by Donald Trump.

Beyond catering to the most powerful people in the country, Fox Nation could also serve as a valuable platform for public interaction on political issues. There is potential for live events where viewers can directly engage with commentators, panelists, interviewees, and anchors, sharing their opinions or asking questions on various subjects. Fox Nation may become a primary political avenue for those with conservative beliefs.

Learning from Past Failures

Previous conservative streaming services, such as Glenn Beck’s The Blaze and Bill O’Reilly’s own service, have not found much success. Finley believes these services failed because they were “personality-driven products,” focusing more on the host than the actual content. With Fox Nation, the introduction of numerous hosts and anchors will ensure that the content must be high-quality, as the service cannot rely solely on celebrity recognition for credibility as a source of conservative news.

A Glimpse into the Future of Political Platforms

Only time will tell if Fox News’ foray into the digital media streaming market will prove successful. However, given their track record in entertainment, with over a billion dollars in annual profit, it is likely that Fox Nation will find success. This venture could also represent an early step towards the political platform of the future, with mid-21st-century activists potentially spreading their message exclusively through interactive panels, strengthening their message through public involvement.

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