Five X-Men Villains That Could Work for the MCU

Five X-Men Villains That Could Work for the MCU

Five X-Men Villains That Could Work for the MCU

It’s almost to the point that waiting for the X-Men to make their debut in the MCU feels like a broken record that keeps skipping over the same beat again and again, but the excitement is warranted simply because it’s a hope that the MCU will be able to do for this group what hasn’t yet been accomplished. In all fairness, the X-Men have been made popular on the big screen despite the shortcomings that each movie had. But one thing is very noticeable; their villains have stagnated over the course of several movies, and trying to change it up hasn’t really worked. The X-Men have just as many enemies as many Marvel teams, and yet only a handful have been utilized in a recognizable manner. Magneto is by far one of their greatest enemies, but his motivations have shifted and changed until it’s become obvious that he’s not quite as effective as he could be. And the fact that Apocalypse lasted one movie and was annihilated, was a bad joke since the villain is the type that has been a persistent presence for many years. But maybe, just maybe, it’s time to really shake things up and make a notable change.  Here are five X-Men villains that could work in the MCU.

5. The Brood

Technically this is more than one enemy, but all the same, these creatures are terrifying since they can turn other beings into a part of their colony. The act of laying eggs in a host doesn’t mean that the host is destroyed, but instead, the creature can access everything from the host’s personality to any skills, feats, or powers they might possess. Some might think that these things are too close to a xenomorph, but the truth is that the Brood would annihilate a xenomorph colony without too much difficulty since the act of laying eggs in the creatures would turn the xenomorphs against each other. That’s how utterly terrifying this species is, and it would be a great enemy to introduce. 

4. Mr. Sinister

With the wide range of abilities that this character has and the fact that he tends to stick to the shadows more often than not, Sinister would be a great villain that could set up an impressive storyline that could last for at least two to three movies before a reveal was needed. Even stepping out of the shadows and engaging the X-Men would create a tremendous effect since Sinister is the type of character that usually only fights hand to hand when things have become too tense to play the type of shadow games that he’s been known to enjoy for so long. As an MCU villain, this guy would be a nightmare.

3. Madelyne Pryor

Madelyne is a clone of Jean Grey that was created by Mr. Sinister to take on Apocalypse. But as it usually happens, the creation ends up getting away from the creator, and things happen. If Pryor was ever brought into the MCU it feels as though Inferno should be one of the next big storylines to be introduced. Much as the Avengers had Endgame, it feels as though the X-Men, New Mutants, and any others that could be included should be brought in and utilized in the best way possible. After all, Inferno was a big deal in the comics and it could be a lot of fun on the big screen. 

2. Cassandra Nova

The twin sister of Charles Xavier isn’t known for being the most kind of understanding the individual in the world, especially since Charles attempted to kill her in the womb when he sensed the evil that lay within her. That’s something that anyone would take personally, especially since it caused their mother to have a miscarriage and robbed Cassandra of her physical body. She spent many years existing as a mass of cells before she could come back, and when she did it was with a vengeance that wasn’t about to abate. As an MCU villain, she would be horrifying since thanks to her powers she could move about at will and wreak havoc on a scale that would be hard to contend with. 

1. Onslaught

One of the only issues with this villain is that it would rely on Magneto being brought back into the mix since Onslaught is a combination of Xavier and Magneto that was created after their minds connected and somehow melded to create a monstrous villain that was a walking nightmare. Not only is this being intelligent, but it’s virtually resistant to harm, and could easily become one of the next big storylines that could pull in more than just the X-Men. Onslaught is a major threat that could be a serious boost for the MCU when it comes to bringing multiple stories into line.  The X-Men have a lot of enemies to choose from, hopefully, those in charge choose wisely. 

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