Five Times Phoebe Favored Joey On “Friends”

In the history of Friends, only Joey (Matt LeBlanc) and Phoebe ( Lisa Kudrow) never got to have a romantic relationship with each other. Theirs was more like a sibling kind of relationship that had more shows of loyalty than we can count. The platonic love between Phoebe and Joey showed itself in many ways, with one often looking out for the other. Sometimes it was Joey offering to marry Phoebe because he thought she was going to become a single mother, and other times, it was Phoebe pretending to be Joey’s dead agent, just so he wouldn’t have a lot to take in that week. A few times, Phoebe showed Joey a lot more favor than the rest. Here are some of those moments:

1. The Time She Projected The Future

In one of the scenes, Joey decided to plant an idea in Phoebe’s head. “ Ross (David Schwimmer) and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) got married. Chandler and Monica almost got married. You think you and I should hook up?” he asked. Unknown to him, Phoebe was way ahead of the game. Phoebe, who was having a cup of coffee, said, “ Oh, We do! But not just yet.” Joey was curious as to when that would happen, then Phoebe came back with the plot.“ Okay…well, first Chandler and Monica will get married, and be filthy rich by the way. But…it won’t work out…Then, I’m gonna marry Chandler for the money and you’ll marry Rachel and have the beautiful kids.” Joey seemed to love the idea up until that point. “Great!” he said before Phoebe proceeded. “ Then we ditch those two and that’s when we get married. We’ll have Chandler’s money and Rachel’s kids, and getting custody will be easy because of Rachel’s drinking problem.” Asked what would become of Ross, Phoebe said, “I don’t want to go into the whole thing,, we have words and I kill him.”

2. The Time They Talked About War

Another time Phoebe was light-hearted towards Joey more than the rest of the friends was when a discussion about war came up while they were at the coffee house. Phoebe had been seeing Gary (Michael David Rapaport), the police officer, and Ross asked whether he had been shot at before. “Yes, once. Yeah, a little. He kinda did it to himself,” Phoebe said. Each of them wondered how they’d react if they were in a war. “ Man! I would be great in a war, “ Monica voiced. That was more than true, given that in her partnership with Chandler, she wore the pants. Joey would have been down in the fox hole protecting everyone, only if the fox hole happened to be lined with sandwiches. “ Hero sandwiches,” Joey called them. As Phoebe got up to leave, she told the rest of the crew, “ …I am not interested in war in any way. But you know what? When the revolution comes I will have to destroy you all…Not you, Joey.”

3. The Time Rachel Wanted To Start A New Group

For a while after their break-up, things got a little heated between Rachel and Ross. So much, that none of them could stand being in the same room. If there was a point where the six would no longer have to be friends, that was it. Rachel had always assumed that Phoebe would always be the one to leave first or get fazed out, much to Phoebe’s surprise. “ It’s just a matter of time before someone had to leave the group. I just always assumed Phoebe would be the one to go,” She said. Phoebe, who was astonished at the reveal, let out the most awkward sound to express her surprise. “Honey, come on! You live far away. You are not related. You lift right out!” Rachel blurted. Later, she asked Phoebe whether the pair would go away and form a friend group of their own. “ We’ll start a new group. We’re the best ones,” Rachel told Phoebe. Phoebe gave it a second thought, then asked, “ Okay, but try to get Joey, too.”

4. The Time Joey Got The Seed Out Of His Teeth

One thing that was consistent on Friends was Joey’s comedic timing. As the only married couples in the group, Monica (Courteney Cox), Chandler (Matthew Perry), Phoebe, and Mike (Paul Rudd) were on a couple’s dinner when Ross walked in with good news. “I’m up for tenure!” an excited Ross announced. Before they could all absorb the news, Rachel, who was up for an interview with Gucci, walked in and also shared the good news she had. She had barely finished when Joey walked in with his own announcement: “ I finally got that seed out of my teeth!’ With all the announcements, Monica couldn’t help but wonder who she was happy for the most. Phoebe, on the other hand, knew exactly who she was rooting for. “ I do, he’s been working on that whole day,” she said as she turned towards Joey and gave him a clap.

5. The Time Joey Got A Part In Phoebe’s Wedding

To say that Joey was Phoebe’s favorite is an understatement. The pair had a language we never really understood, and when the time came for Phoebe to be married to Mike, she knew who she wanted to walk her down the aisle: Joey. Joey took his role so seriously, he decided to have the ‘dad talk’ with Mike. Mike, unfortunately, was having none of it. “ Are you rehearsing for a very bad movie?” he asked. Turns out Joey was borrowing lines from an unsuccessful audition. He did make it clear that Phoebe was very important to him. It wasn’t his portrayal of a father figure that was the only fascinating thing. More interesting than that was the fact that Ross and Chandler, as it turned out, were not originally part of the wedding, and Phoebe had not bothered to even let them know. That was cold on her part, given that Joey had been handed such a significant role. The wedding did happen, and it ended with Chandler walking Phoebe down the aisle, and all the friends having roles to play. Though Phoebe said she and Joey would be together ‘in good time’, in the end, she wouldn’t have gotten a better man to marry her and Mike.

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