Five Things You Didn’t Know About A Million Little Things

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When ABC aired A Million Little Things in 2018, the network didn’t know what a success the show might turn into. The ensemble cast. The emotional storylines. The exceedingly talented acting. It all works out well for this show, which is why fans have so many questions about A Million Little Things’ season five return date. Between the answer to that and the many little things fans didn’t know about the show, we have a few shocking facts that might just surprise you about your favorite show.

1. A Million Little Things is Coming Back in 2023 for the Last Time

While fans are busy asking about the season five premiere date, they might feel bittersweet about the answer. The hit ABC series returns on February 8, 2023, at 10 pm. Fans are counting down the days but are also sad because this is the last season. The show ends for good following season five. The people behind the show know that this is an emotional situation, but they also know that this is the right time to call it. The show ran long and well, and the men and women who made that happen knew this was the right time to say goodbye.

2. Falling Ratings Almost Ended the Show in Season Four

Did you know that this show was not immediately renewed before the end of season four? The show was receiving lower-than-typical ratings, which meant they were not sure the network would renew. There was a time when the show was all but in limbo, with the entire staff waiting to find out if ABC might ask them to come back for one more season.

Credit: A Million Little Things

3. The Show Was Pitched with an Ending

Something else that we didn’t know about A Million Little Things is that creator DJ Nash had an ending in mind when he began to pitch his idea. The show was pitched with an ending that the creator already thought might work. They called it a preconceived ending, though we do not know if this is the ending we will see more than five years later. Now that that show is here for a fifth season, there is a good chance that the ending that we get to see might be the one that Nash initially thought he might share, but it has been five years. Only time – and Nash himself – will let us know if he got to use the ending he saw coming from the start.

4. The End is Rumored to Include a Death

A Million Little Things began the show with a friend committing suicide, and there are some rumors that the end might include another death. The entire premise is surrounded by the fact that so many things are going on in our friends’ lives that we don’t know about. These friends did not know their friend was feeling so low that suicide was the only option. As we’ve watched the show and gotten to know the friends in this group, we’ve learned more than a few things about each.

They all have secrets. Some couples keep secrets from others. Some couples keep secrets from one another. There is so much going on here that we cannot help but wonder if the rumors are true. Will the show end with another death? Will this one be an accident? Is it going to be on purpose? Is there a chance that someone might kill someone else?

5. The Cast of A Million Little Things Gets Along Well

The great news about this show – but possibly also the sad thing about the show – is that the cast gets along so well. They are great friends in real life, which is such a lovely thing. It’s more common than not for the men and women who work on a show together to become close friends, but there doesn’t appear to be any underlying drama or false friendships going on. There are some shows in which there are quiet rumors that a star or two might not get along (remember Sex and the City, anyone?), but this is not one of those shows.

Credit: A Million Little Things

These cast members are good friends, and it shows. They’ll miss one another when their season is over and the show is over, which will be a difficult transition for everyone. Their friendship on-screen might be filled with lies, secrets, and things that they don’t want one another to know, but their real-life relationships are much stronger.

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