Five Things Movies Always Get Wrong about Drinking Coffee

Five Things Movies Always Get Wrong about Drinking Coffee

Five Things Movies Always Get Wrong about Drinking Coffee

Coffee is one thing that movies really don’t to get wrong since it is an obsession with so much of the world. A lot of people aren’t even able to function until they get that morning jolt of caffeine in their system, and are thus able to converse with others and perform more complex functions. It’s a bit surprising that anyone in the movies would allow a misconception of coffee to slide since it is such a well known and very highly prized substance that millions of people use on a daily basis. Making a mistake when it comes to coffee almost seems like something that people would catch immediately.

You would even think that it might make Facebook or other social media sites if a movie pulled this stunt.

5. Espresso has more caffeine than regular coffee.

The truth of this is that you might have to drink about four cups of espresso to measure up to the same amount of caffeine in a single eight ounce cup of coffee. Espresso is definitely better tasting that many coffees but ultimately is not possessed of as much caffeine.

4. Coffee is good for a hangover.

The warmth and the caffeine jolt it gives can definitely make a person feel better after tying one on the night before, but that’s about it. The addition of a stimulant to the system after a night of drinking will make a person feel better for a while until that feeling wears off. Hopefully it won’t wear off before the effects of the hangover.

3. Caffeine will cause insomnia.

Everyone is so worried that an afternoon or evening cup of coffee will cause sleeplessness at night. Many will switch to decaf after noon and some won’t bother having any more at all after their morning dose in order to keep themselves from suffering through a sleepless night. Honestly, during the day caffeine is able to move through your system so fast that it should be well and gone before you go to sleep. It’s not entirely wise to drink a cup just before bed though, as it takes about five to seven hours for the caffeine to work it’s way through.

2. Coffee can help in weight loss.

It acts more as a diet suppressant as it makes you less hungry the more you drink. Unfortunately in the long run it’s not entirely useful as a dieting habit. It’s interesting to note that Judy Garland was given coffee and cigarettes on a continual basis to keep her trim figure, though obviously back then they didn’t know that with the amounts they were giving her they were doing some serious harm to her body.

1. Pregnant women can’t drink coffee.

Pregnant women tend to worry about what they can and can’t have while carrying their child. Obviously they can’t eat and drink as they want throughout the pregnancy, especially if they happen to have special dietary needs. They can have as much as one cup per day however, as this has been deemed safe by many doctors.

Coffee must be shown the proper respect after all.

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