Five Incredibly Uplifting Movies from the 90s

Five Incredibly Uplifting Movies from the 90s

forrest gump

A lot of times when we think about 90s movies we think about the edgy and action-packed films that made the decade what it was, the angst-driven soundtracks that really seemed to define those movies, and of course the great actors that seemed to rise throughout the years. But there were plenty of feelgood movies throughout the 90s as well and many of them weren’t shy about hitting a person right in the feels. Even the toughest, most stoic individuals found themselves smiling like children or sobbing into a napkin when the emotions really took flight in these movies, and that’s a good thing since it means we’re human and we still know what it means to experience a broad spectrum of emotions. Some of these movies might not be considered to be as great as others but in truth it was a bit difficult to really pick out the best and stick with it.

With that said here are some of the best feelgood movies of the 90s.

5. Matilda

A lot of people finally learn how to take care of themselves once they get into their 20s, but Matilda had to do this before she hit her 5th birthday on account of parents that didn’t seem to care that much about her and left her alone on a continual basis. By the time a lot of people are learning their ABC’s and arithmetic Matilda was checking out library books and living vicariously through one story after another, at least until she started to create her own. By the time her powers really kicked in she’d already found a purpose for them and unlike many people who might have abused such a gift she decided to help those in need and get at least a little payback for those that deserved it.

4. Groundhog Day

There’s not a lot of more satisfying moments than when a person that thinks they’re hot stuff receives their comeuppance. Unfortunately in the case of Phil this punishment started to seem cruel and highly unusual as he was stuck in the same day over, and over, and over. Eventually it didn’t seem to matter what he did, he was bound to be stuck in the same small town, hemmed in by a blizzard, and destined to repeat the same actions again and again. But once he started figuring out how the vast number of ways he could help around town and improve the lives of others it became clear that instead of fighting fate he should be thanking it for a chance to become a better person.

3. The Mighty Ducks

The first was classic and the following movies were a bit gratuitous but all in all the Mighty Duck saga was one that inspired a lot of people since it showed the desire and the willingness to succeed and what can happen when true passion is coupled with the desire to have fun. Initially the Ducks were a ragtag bunch of kids that had no guidance and no real chance at doing much of anything other than skating about and looking as though they’d rather be anywhere else. But when Gordon Bombay finally realized his love of the sport again and passed it along to his team they found out just how much fun hockey could be when they knew what they were doing.

2. Toy Story

A favorite toy is more than just a piece of plastic with a bit of cloth attached to it, or even just an item to be tossed about without a care. Kids tend to be rough on their toys and quite hard on them occasionally, but the idea is that their favorite toys are those that will be kept around no matter how old they get simply because those are the parts of their childhood that are cherished the most and the parts that they don’t want to give up. Seeing things from a toy’s perspective however it makes a lot more sense that they would become more attached to their children and feel an acute sense of loss when they are seemingly replaced or forgotten.

1. Forrest Gump

If any movie really stood out as an example of a feelgood movie in the 90s it was Forrest Gump. The main reason is that so many things happened to Forrest, so many things took place all around him, and yet he kept pushing forward and living his life in the best manner he knew how, in the way he’d been taught, and the way he understood the world. He didn’t truly hate anyone, but he lived by very basic principles that he followed continuously and didn’t back away from. This is the kind of person a lot of people would love to emulate in many ways since despite being simple he was one of the kindest characters ever created.

The 90s were pretty intense, but they were packed with good vibes as well.Matilda

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