Twitter Reactions to the Alien: Covenant Premiere and a New Trailer

Twitter Reactions to the Alien: Covenant Premiere and a New Trailer

We’re officially two weeks away from the national release of Alien: Covenant.  However, select journalists and media members had the opportunity to see the film during a premiere recently.   For the most part reviews were extremely positive.  The consensus is saying that the movie is far and away better than Prometheus so it certainly passed the first hurdle.   As far as the franchise returning to form, that’s another check marked off the list.  There’s also a theme of everyone who saw the movie being “extremely scared.”

The only negative thing I’ve read is that some of the final scenes with the alien(s) are a bit jumbled and messy.  However, here are some of the tweets that you can see for yourselves and below that you can check out the most recent trailer “She Won’t Go Away Quietly”

@JordanESamuel-#AlienCovenant is definitely better than Prometheus, bringing back the needed horror into the franchise. Deadly beautiful and mysterious Ridley Scott brings back the series to its roots! Visuals are top notch a complete win in IMAX #AlienCovenant

@Pandoratweets-Scared out my nut, jumped wayyy too many times out my seat, add The fact I had my teeth clenched 😬through the whole film too #AlienCovenant

@Arcticninjapaul-#AlienCovenant is an intense, strange and nightmarish continuation of the franchise. A great companion to Prometheus & the Alien mythos. Bloody, odd, mysterious and a staggering picture of madness at times. Horrific in unexpected ways. #AlienCovenant Can’t elaborate too much more. I dug the film & there’s lots to chew on & too much to spoil. You’ll have to see for yourself #AlienCovenant

@AnastasiaTakis-So lucky! Tonight I said hi to my hero @dannymcbride_ & saw #AlienCovenant. Fricking epic & exactly what you want it to be

@2folden-#AlienCovenant wow, amazing is all I can say.

@BJ667-Well, a little overwhelmed, #AlienCovenant is more of the same and yet I loved it. Thank you for the evening @20CenturyFoxUK @AlienMoviesUK

@_CorporalHicks-First impressions. More satisfying than Prometheus. Last act little messy re: the Aliens. Loved the cast and characters.

@scifiedcom-#AlienCovenant was without a doubt very #Alien. Lots to ponder! Expect a detailed write up in the coming days!

@HeroCollector_-#AlienCovenant flew by. It will please fans. Lots of classic touches, dark, gruesome at times, of course! Full review on Sunday.

@TheJamesIngham-So Alien Convenant 😱😱😱😱 Definitely worth a trip to the cinema & a large box of popcorn! #AlienCovenant


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