The Top 10 Best Hugh Grant Movies

love actually hugh grant

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Hugh Grant is primarily recognized for his portrayal of endearingly clumsy English romantic leads. It would be disrespectful to someone who is brilliant and has worked in other genres to label him as a “one-trick pony.” Both the Dungeons & Dragons remake and the next Guy Ritchie comedy, Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre, will include him in the near future. Let’s look at ten of his most memorable roles, some of which will inevitably be in rom-com.

10. Florence Foster Jenkins

The biographical comedy Florence Foster Jenkins is a joy. Meryl Streep stars as the philanthropic New York billionaire Florence Foster Jenkins. The quality of her vocals is likewise very poor. Her husband, St. Clair, shows her how horrible she is by bribing the correct people to give a negative review of her book. Florence’s husband, St. Clair, has been protecting her from the world, but when she books the greatest gig of her career without his knowledge, she is forced to face it head-on. The story follows a man who is loyal to his wife and does everything he can to fulfill her lifelong goal. Grant plays the role of a savvy Shakespearean stage actor with swagger and charm. Streep’s performance of Jenkins, a tone-deaf fanatic who grinds her teeth in amusement, earned her an Academy Award nomination. Florence Foster Jenkins is a surprising delight because it is both funny and sad.

9. The Englishman Who Went Up A Hill But Came Down A Mountain

The fairly neglected picture by Hugh Grant is a romantic comedy set against the backdrop of World War I, which is unusual. Grant’s character, Reginald, travels to a remote community to measure a record-setting mountain, only to find that it falls far short of being anything to write home about. The plot thickens as the locals decide to extend the mountain by building a little hill atop it. They win Reginald’s sympathy, and he falls in love with one of the local women. Although it isn’t frequently discussed in mainstream pop culture, the film has a devoted fanbase if its position on the Ranker list is any indication.

8. Cloud Atlas

The stories in Cloud Atlas span a century and are all connected by characters, themes, and plot points. We visit New Zealand’s Chatham Islands in 1849, England in 1936 and 2012, San Francisco in 1973, a dystopian Neo Seoul in 2144, and Hawaii in 2321. The film’s several locales each have their own distinct personality, tone, storyline, and many profound underlying ethics and values, all of which come together to form a web of multiple, interwoven ideas. Assisted by a large cast, Hugh Grant plays at least six characters, including a person of a different race. The primary idea is that there is a connection between all forms of life throughout time and space. This adaptation of David Mitchell’s novel by the Wachowski sisters is one of the most innovative of its kind.

7. Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason

Bridget Jones The Edge Of Reason hugh grant

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Hugh Grant rarely appears in follow-ups, but he made an exception for Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. The film picks up where the last one left off, with Grant’s character, Daniel, trying to woo the hero back via dishonest means. Despite not being as well-received by critics as the first film, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason has a dedicated fanbase. The cast’s endearing performances were well-praised, with Hugh Grant’s lovable jerk continuing to be a popular counterpoint to Colin Firth’s dashing Mark.

6. Mickey Blue Eyes

hugh grant mickey blue eyes

credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Mickey Blues Eyes is an incredibly satirical romantic criminal comedy that makes frequent fun of the sleazy and dangerous New York underworld. Grant’s efforts to channel his inner mobster and New York accent as Mickey Blue Eyes are funny. Michael’s future father-in-law, Frank Vitale, is hilarious without detracting from his iconic performance as a mobster in The Godfather. Pure entertainment, a situational farce, and a stupid comedy all rolled into one.

5. The Gentleman

American marijuana tycoon Michael “Mickey” Pearson is anxious to leave his position in the UK’s booming cannabis industry. He plans to sell his business, buy a country estate with his wife, Rosalind, and retire, but a series of events involving mixed martial artists, “The Toddlers,” triads, Russian billionaires, and the usual money-grabbing lowlifes disrupts his plans. Seriously, who said old age would be a breeze? For fans of Snatch, The Gentlemen is like a dream come true. An homage to Guy Ritchie’s earlier work, this is a situational comedy with a veneer of dark, satirical violence. McConaughey gives a flawless performance as the unyielding crime boss who wants to give up his career. Hugh Grant plays Fletcher, a journalist who is as Machiavellian as he is humorous and the last person anyone can trust. It’s one of his most ridiculously amazing performances to date.

4. Love Actually

love actually hugh grant

credit: Universal Pictures

In recent years, Love Actually has established itself as a traditional staple of the winter holidays. Grant’s introduction voiceover alludes to the 9/11 terrorist attack on the Twin Towers to set the tone, saying that “as far as he knows,” the victims’ messages were not of hate or revenge but love. The feeling of love, he says, is pervasive. It’s a captivating prologue to a film in which audiences can hopefully find common ground and appreciate the best in one another. In addition to the nine wins it received, British Academy Award winner Bill Nighy won for his supporting role as the comedic crooner who performs a cringeworthy cover of “Love Is All Around.” 

3. Music And Lyrics

music and lyrics hugh grant

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Hugh Grant was firmly established in the romantic lead mold when this film came out. However, Music and Lyrics is one of his most well-liked films because it showcased the actor’s singing abilities and cast him opposite Drew Barrymore in a romantic comedy. Music and Lyrics give its audience precisely what they want, as the film’s protagonists, Alex and Sophie, fall in love while working together on a song for a pop singer. The film might serve as a musical due to the presence of several memorable tunes.

2. Two Week’s Notice

This romantic comedy reunited two Hollywood legends and is often listed among the best Sandra Bullock films. In the film Two Weeks Notice, the protagonist, attorney Lucy, plans to resign from her position as George Koch’s employee, but the two fall in love in the remaining time she has with him. The movie is well-liked because it doesn’t try to reinvent the genre. In the film Two Weeks Notice, Grant again portrays a jerk who grows up and ends up with the lady he always secretly wanted.

1. Notting Hill

Notting Hill Hugh Grant

credit: Universal Pictures

This film features Hugh Grant and is often listed among his best romantic comedies. Grant has built a career portraying likable jerks. Still, his character in Notting Hill, a mild-mannered British bookstore owner who falls in love with a famous American actress, is infinitely likable. The film’s endearing nature stems from its focus on the protagonists’ growing attraction to one another; Julia Roberts’ “I’m only a girl, standing in front of a boy” monologue continues to be a classic romantic comedy scene. Grant is also excellent in this picture that audiences go to see when they want to relax and have a good time.

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