Why Baron Zemo Should Get a Solo Movie

Why Baron Zemo Should Get a Solo Movie

Why Baron Zemo Should Get a Solo Movie

At this point, it kind of feels that the MCU owes it to Baron Zemo to make a solo movie or at least give the guy his own show to make up for the mishandling of the character that’s taken place in a few of the movies. In the MCU he’s been seen as a bit different at this time since he didn’t start out as a Baron and was instead a part of the Sokovian armed forces. Remember Sokovia, the nation that was devastated when Ultron decided to lift a massive portion of it into the air? The only way to keep it from killing millions had it dropped prematurely was to evacuate the floating landmass and then obliterate it with the help of Iron Man and Thor. The downside, however, was that many people had already died and many more were injured due to the fact that Ultron was attempting to cause as much damage as he possibly could. Zemo lost his family amidst the rubble and blamed the Avengers for it, after which he became a rather effective terrorist that would go on to unleash the Winter Soldier on the world, which made Captain America defend his old friend against anyone and everyone, and caused a serious schism in the Avengers. Because of this, the Civil War broke out, and the Avengers would eventually break away from each other.

The odd part of his plan is that he was about to commit suicide when the Black Panther caught him and turned him over to the proper authorities. Why in the world was that? The character from the comics was all about scheming and plotting to get rid of his enemies, Captain America especially since he had a special kind of hatred for him. This is a little more proof that it feels as though the MCU doesn’t really know what to do with their characters at times and will just get rid of them or push them to the background if they can decide what they want to do. This is a pretty easy way to do is since just writing someone out or putting them behind bars is a pretty solid maneuver, despite that it’s kind of cheap since it allows people to forget about them for a while and solves the problem of trying to write them into another story. But as of Endgame, it feels easy to say that there shouldn’t be an issue on writing anyone into any of the MCU stories since the writers that are working on each script should be able to pull up all the information they need if they’re being required to be as inclusive as possible with the characters.

While a movie might actually be wise to use in order to set up another movie behind it, or perhaps kick off a series that would lead to another big team-up, a show based on Zemo might actually be better since it could be featured on Disney+ and it might even be able to explain the character a little better and perhaps bring in other characters that the MCU could make good use of if they’re really hoping to expand in a big way. After all, Zemo has actually interacted with quite a few heroes and other villains that could be influential in the Marvel universe and could continue to showcase other big names and some of those that people don’t remember as much in order to keep things rolling along. But at the very least it does feel as though this character could be fleshed out in a much more effective manner since otherwise it does feel as though he was introduced and then tossed to the side without so much as a ‘thank you’ since the action that popped off between the Avengers and then the final battle between Iron Man and Captain America and the Winter Soldier kind of made him irrelevant. Even his moment with the Black Panther felt like a mild ending to his arc in the story since it could have been left out and things wouldn’t have taken a huge turn in the wrong direction. Baron Zemo is a character that hasn’t really had as much of an impact as a lot of other villains, but he’s still someone that should be given some sort of respect in the MCU since he has been persistent throughout the years.

Perhaps he could be introduced once again into the Falcon and Winter Soldier series as someone that can continually bother them and come up with various schemes that will keep them guessing and possibly trying to anticipate him. Zemo is a pretty intelligent character after all, so it’s fair to say that he might be able to outsmart the two of them at some point.

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