Five Things You Didn’t Know about Taylor Goldsmith

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Taylor Goldsmith

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Taylor Goldsmith

Taylor Goldsmith is an American musician with a fair amount of fame on his own. However, his name has been mentioned in entertainment news in recent times because it has been announced that he and Mandy Moore are now engaged, which is the next step after the two confirmed their relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Here are five things that you may or may not have known about Taylor Goldsmith:

Plays Guitarist for Dawes

Goldsmith is the vocalist as well as the guitarist for Dawes, which is an indie rock band that has been making their name heard throughout the indie rock scene since 2009. So far, they have released five studio albums, which is in addition to a couple of live albums as well as some other work. The other members of the band are Goldsmith’s brother Griffin on drums, Wylie Gelber on bass, and Lee Pardini on keyboard.

70s-Inspired Sound Not Inspired By the 70s

Some people have mentioned Dawes’s music as being 70s-inspired. However, the hilarious part is that Goldsmith and the rests of Dawes weren’t inspired by the 70s at all. Instead, the resemblance between their music and 70s music is a total coincidence, though based on the positive response from a lot of people, it seems to have been a rather fortunate one.

Opened for Bob Dylan

One of the highlights of Goldsmith’s career so far has been opening for Bob Dylan throughout the summer of 2013. It was a serious challenge for Goldsmith and the rest of his band, seeing as how they had to convince Dylan’s fans that they were worth listening to. However, the whole experience seems to have gone well enough, since Goldsmith has stated that Dylan’s fans tended to be more receptive to their music by the end of their sets. Regardless, it is interesting to note that the members of Dawes never spoke with Dylan until their last night, at which time the legendary musician complemented them on one of their songs, which is called “A Little Bit of Everything.”

His Relationship with Moore Was Revealed through Instagram

Goldsmith and Moore did not outright announce the fact that the two were dating. Instead, they revealed it through a series of photographs posted on their Instagram accounts, which made their relationship clear without the need for something so blatant. Examples of the photographs ranged from a picture of the two playing Scrabble to a video of the two musicians playing music with their friends and family members on New Year’s Eve.

The Couple Are Renovating a Home

Presently, Goldsmith and Moore are living together at a temporary home while they work on renovating a house situated close to the city of Los Angeles, which will be serving as their primary residence once they have finished up with the work. It is interesting to note that this comes after Moore sold her home of 14 years after the end of her previous relationship, which might have contributed to her statement about recent times being something of a “cleansing period” in her life.


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