Five Things You Didn’t Know about Scoot McNairy

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Scoot McNairy
Five Things You Didn’t Know about Scoot McNairy


John Marcus “Scoot” McNairy is an American actor and producer that’s been in Hollywood since his twenties and despite having no formal training has managed to amass a good deal of fame while making his name known to the world. He’s been in films such as Monsters, Argo, and the little known film Killing Them Softly alongside Brad Pitt. He’s not the greatest actor or celebrity to ever hit the scene as of yet, but it’s fair to say that he’s still plugging along and just needs the right venue to become a megastar.

Here are a few things you may or may not know about Scoot.

5. He enjoys playing characters with a rebellious edge.

Sticking to a niche is great so long as you don’t play it out. Scoot seems to love playing the down and out character that’s down on his luck but is just edgy enough to make it work somehow. That rebellious streak that he likes to show is a big part of his onscreen persona and seems like it might also be a part of his regular personality. Do what you know after all.

4. The name ‘Scoot’ comes from a childhood nickname.

His dad used to call him Scooter because he would scoot around on his butt all day. It seems a harmless and innocent nickname but you would think he’d lose it as he got older. However it’s obviously stuck with him for this long and has become a part of who he is. I kind of wonder how many people realize that his actual given name is John, and perhaps think that his parents were simply trying to be funny.

3. He’s never received any formal acting training.

Unlike a lot of actors he hasn’t received a single lick of formal training, meaning he’s going in there and gaining experience on the fly. That’s impressive and all but it could be a serious mark against him as some directors actually do care about the acting pedigree. It’s a bit ridiculous so long as a person can act, but then again it also signifies that a person has been through the process.

2. One of his first appearances was for a Levi’s commercial.

He appeared in Levi’s jeans commercial where he had to be tossed from a mechanical bull. He found this kind of hilarious because he and his friends had actually taken to practicing on a practice “bull” that consisted of a barrel tied between four trees with rope.

1. He’s worked as a carpenter and designer on film sets.

This just goes to show you never know who you’re going to find around the film set that can actually do something other than what they’re doing at the moment. His experience on film sets didn’t afford him a lot of chances to act, but it did kind of give him an idea of what to expect since he was around it.

Experience can be the best teacher but sometimes it might seem wise to gain at least some schooling for a role to make it more believable. So far Scoot’s been doing great though.


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