10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jennifer Gimenez

Jennifer Giminez is a model and an actress, and she’s not a new one. She’s gorgeous and she still looks younger than ever, but she’s not someone who came into the scene because of social media and her Instagram following like so many do today. She began her career decades ago, and she is still going strong. She’s been in the business since she was 13. She’s not only a model and an actress, either. She is also a reality television star who has been on her own fair share of reality shows. She’s not a real housewife, but she did get to spend some time filming seasons of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for a few seasons when she was friendly with former star, Brandi Glanville. What else don’t you know about her?

1. She’s a Soap Star

There was a time when she was a lot younger when she was part of the cast of the Bold and the Beautiful on CBS. She was the lovely Karen Sisco, and fans loved her. She fit right in on the show, and she was good enough to get many fans from the role before her time was cut short and she was out.

2. She’s From Argentina

She was born in America, but she lived in Argentina. Does that make any sense to you? Her family was here when she was born, but they lived in another country. She was raised in Argentina with her brother until she was a little older than 6. That’s when her family decided to move to the U.S. permanently.

3. She Was Discovered

Like so many of the original supermodels, she was discovered the old-fashioned way, which means not on Instagram. This means she was discovered by a photographer when she was out and about. We don’t know when or how, but we imagine she was in a mall with her friends at the time she was discovered at 13. I remember there being a time when I was also that age, and I loved going to the mall with my friends where I was certain I’d be discovered and that would be the be-all and end all of my lie. I didn’t want to be a model or an actress, but I did want to be discovered if that makes any sense.

4. She Makes A Big Claim

She’s said for a very long time that she is the youngest model to ever be on the cover of Elle Magazine. However, we don’t know if this is true or not. We cannot find anything to back that up in any capacity, but we do welcome anyone who has the real answer to this to step forward and make it known to us if she is or is not the youngest to have this title.

5. She Took Care of Her Family

When she began her modeling career at 13, her family relied on her to take care of them. They needed her income to support them, and she gave it to them. She took all the jobs she could get so that she could earn the kind of living that would allow her to care for her family without questions. She did a good job of it, too.

6. Education Never Came First

Sadly, with becoming a teenage provider for her family also came things that didn’t make much sense. For example, her family didn’t require her to find any importance in education. In fact, they encouraged her to miss classes and school days all the time to take on work and jobs that would support them and pay the bills. She might have been a wonderful student if it were not for that.

7. She Began Drinking Early

She grew up in a different time, and that meant she probably had a lot more freedom than she needed. Her parents weren’t always around, so she was given a chance to get into the alcohol cabinet and have what she wanted. She began with alcohol at 12, but she didn’t always drink too much. She moved on.

8. She Used Heavy Drugs

As her career become more prominent and she became more famous and worked more, she took a lot of time in her life to focus on things like her professional career. She was given a lot of work, but with that kind of work comes a lot of pressure, too. She needed to be thin, and available, and she needed to make things work for her, so she turned from alcohol to cocaine by the time she was a year into the business. It helped her stay thin, and she used it regularly until she finally decided to do something about her life when she turned 21. She needed to get clean.

9. She Did Celebrity Wife Swap

After spending a lot of her time in the midst of celebrity drama and reality television, she also took a liking to a man she met in rehab. His name is Andy Dick. You know this comedian from his many roles on television, and you are okay with that bout him. However, you don’t know that they dated and spent some significant time together in their lives. They fell for one another — he is not fully gay if you were wondering — but he also had her appear with him on Celebrity Wife Swap when he and Lorenzo Llamas swapped wives.

10. Her Weight Fluctuates

When she was on drugs, she was very thin. Getting off the drugs, however, made it more difficult for her to maintain a thin weight. She struggled, things did not go well for her, and she gained nearly 100 pounds. She lost it for a while, and then she gained it back. Her recovery is always going to cause some significant changes in her life, and that is just what it is. She isn’t looking to keep herself at the thinnest of the thin weights right now, but she is trying to maintain good health in her life.

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