Five Things You Didn’t Know about Sarah Snyder

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Sarah Snyder

Sarah Snyder is best known as the tear-away girlfriend of Hollywood teen royalty, Jaden Smith. The pair dated and were a constant feature in the A list parties and runway shows from 2014 to 2016. Since their split in April of 2016 Sarah has been concentrating on her own career and is on the cover of the Japanese Vogue for the month of February. She also one of a number of celebrities, IT girls and influencers to feature in Kayne West’s YEEZY Season 6 campaign which features high profile Kim impersonations. Here are 5 things you didn’t know about Sarah Snyder.

1. She was charged with shoplifting a designer handbag

The gorgeous model made headlines for all the wrong reasons when it was reported in 2015 that she had stolen a $16 K Hermes designer handbag. The theft took place in a department store in New York in February and the young model was arrested in connection with the robbery in June. She managed to clear her name when her lawyer produced evidence that she was in Miami when the theft happened. The court dismissed the charges against her. Although the young model complained that the attention and negative publicity negatively affected her career she wasn’t shy in courting publicity during the criminal proceedings. The sassy Sarah wore a t-shirt with her own mug shot emblazoned across the front of it and rather daringly carried a blue Birkin bag, identical to the one she’d been accused of pilfering to another court appearance.

2. She’s a major league social media influencer

Sarah is a highly active social media aficionado, known and loved by her 1.6 million followers on Instagram. She goes by the typically bad-ass handle @sarahfu**ingsnyder and is the queen of the bikini selfie. She’s also made a name for herself as an effortless style icon typically pairing designer and vintage items for an effortless look. Vogue magazine tipped her as one of the top Instagram accounts to follow in 2017.

3. She’s been associated with drug taking

Snyder caused controversy and a lot of push back from Jaden Smith fans when she first started dating the boy star. Snyder id four years older than the son of will and Jada Smith and concern about her possible bad influence on the young Hollywood heavyweight were piqued when photos appeared on social media which appeared to show her with tablets on the tip of her tongue. Further photos appeared to show her snorting a powered substance through a rolled up note. Both incriminating pictures were removed from social media.

4. She may have been unfaithful to Jaden

The young couple have since split up but back when they were dating they were notorious for frequent smooching and cuddling in public. All may not have been as it seemed however as rumors and allegations were circulated that she cheated on Jaden with a photographer from Atlanta. Gunner Stahl posted a photo of the pair apparently in bed together and claimed they were in a relationship with each other. Jaden appeared to give little credence to the story and publicly stood by the model. He apparently sent her a huge bouquet of roses and she posted an Instagram photo of herself standing in front of the gorgeous flowers with a caption throwing shade on the “salty” little ex.

5. She was rumored to be dating Leonardo Di Caprio

Serial modelizer Di Caprio who is 43 was spotted having a cozy dinner with Snyder who was only 22 in New York in November last year. Photos of the two looking very comfortable emerged and had the celebrity gossip news all a flutter that the two might have been an item.

Whoever she is currently dating the social media star is beginning make news for some of the right reasons. We think that the runway and print model is one to watch in 2018.

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