Five Things You Didn’t Know About Nafessa Williams

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Nafessa Williams

The acting industry is notoriously difficult to break into. However, it is more difficult for some groups than others. One of the most controversial topics in Hollywood in recent years has been the few good roles offered to minorities. Luckily, thanks to the hard work from talented actors who are standing up for themselves, this is beginning to change.

One such actor is the gifted Nafessa Williams. She is famous for her role in Code Black, and appears poised to emerge as a breakout star this year. She has three high profile projects in 2017: Tales, Twin Peaks, and Black Lightning. As she will almost certainly become a household name thanks to these shows, many fans will wonder who she is outside of her performances. Here are five of the most interesting facts about the talented Nafessa Williams.

5. Took her a while to see success

Given the slate of jobs Williams has to look forward to, one might assume that landing great parts is a piece of cake for the actor. However, it actually took many years of hard work in order to start seeing success.

She acted professionally in Philadelphia for several years before deciding that she would have more opportunities in New York. Here, she began seeing some success, landing a part in One Life to Live. After the show was cancelled, she picked up and moved again, this time to LA. After five years of hard work in the city, she has finally achieved the success she enjoys today.

4. She is well educated 

Given Williams’ incredibly busy history of moving from city to city trying to land parts, it is hard to believe that she had the time to pursue higher education. However, she made sure to invest in post-secondary education before her acting career took off. She attended West Chester University, studying criminal justice. While the degree is not ultimately central to her career, it is interesting to note the varied interests she has.

3. She hopes to branch out from acting 

It may seem odd for an actor who has just earned parts in three major productions to be dreaming about working off screen, but Williams has aspirations that go beyond acting. She is inspired by individuals like Debbie Allen, Regina King, and Jamal Hill, and hopes to direct some day. In addition, she hopes to write. She is even currently working on a script.

2. She could have ended up in a different line of work

As stated above, Williams studied criminology at university. This is not just a passing interest; she had a real opportunity to pursue a career in law enforcement. Interestingly, she was even an intern at the District Attorney’s homicide unit. Luckily for her fans, she chose to pursue acting instead of law enforcement.

1. She does not want to limit the roles available to her

One of the most controversial and talked-about issues in Hollywood is the plight of visible minorities. While many actors of color find it difficult to land notable roles, Williams has a very practical mindset about the issue. She has stated that even though she is a proud African-American, she simply considers herself an American when it comes to acting. For this reason, she will audition for any role, regardless if it is for a white or black character. She believes that she can do anything and will not allow her skin color to define her career.

Final Thoughts

Nafessa Williams is a highly talented actor who is set to break out as a star in 2017 with roles in some major productions. In addition, she is a highly educated individual who could have pursued a career in law enforcement if she desired. Perhaps most importantly, she is an individual who will fight for herself and others like her in order to achieve a more equal society in which better opportunities are available to all people.


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