Five Things you Didn’t Know about Ming Lee Simmons

Who is Ming Lee Simmons? If you read a lot of fashion magazines or you like to keep up with the subject to fashion in general, you probably have a good idea who she is. Otherwise, you might not be familiar with her name. She is the daughter of fashion model Kimora Lee Simmons and her ex-husband Russell. Ming Lee is the oldest child in the family and it seems as though she has a lot in common with her mother. Below are five things that you might not know about her, but you are sure to find all of them interesting.

1. Modeling has been her life since she was old enough to walk

There aren’t very many people that can say that they’ve been modeling successfully since they were just two years old, but that is exactly the type of life that Ming Lee Simmons has lived. The truth is, she was barely old enough to walk up and down the catwalk when she first started her career as a fashion model. At the time, she and her younger sister would help her mother model their own special line of clothes and they did it every single year. Now that she’s 17, she still spends a lot of time modeling with her mother. It seems that she’s just now beginning to wonder how she can distinguish herself from the family while still honoring her mom’s legacy that got her into the business to begin with.

2. She’s a senior in high school

Simmons is entering a rather exciting time in her life where there are so many possibilities that lie ahead. Of course, this can also be a confusing time. During a time of her life when the choices available to her might confuse most adults, she seems to realize that she has everything at her fingertips to either gain or lose, all at her hand.

3. She wants to continue following in her mother’s footsteps

It really only makes sense that she wants to continue modeling, especially when you consider the fact that she has spent her entire life doing exactly that. After all, modeling is what she knows. In addition, she has made the statement that she wants to emulate her mother’s success in the business. She has watched her grow and develop as a model, and she wants to have the same opportunities to make her own mark in the business.

4. She considers vintage fashion to be closed from 10 years ago

You know you’re talking to a teenager when they say that they like vintage clothing and then they say that they’ll pick up anything that was popular about 10 years ago. For oanyone that happens to be slightly older, vintage clothing is more like clothes that were worn during the 60s and 70s. With that being said, this is a person who knows fashion and she knows how to put clothes together in order to create a new look.

5. She’s preparing for college

In addition to all of her modeling endeavors, she’s also preparing for higher education. Remember, she is currently a senior in high school. As a result, she’s taking a number of AP classes so she can get ahead when it comes to her college education. In other words, she wants to make it on her own in the world of modeling, but she also realizes how important it is to have a good education so she has something to fall back on if she should ever choose to stop working as a model.

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