Five Things You Didn’t Know about Meredith Frost

Meredith Frost is one of those individuals that seems to be most at ease when she’s where the story or the picture is at. Her love for photography has taken her quite far at this point and has become something that she’s managed to embrace unlike anything else. The passion that a person holds for what they love is oftentimes very impressive and more than able to consume a good deal of their lives.  If you love doing something however you tend to want to be one of the best at it.

Meredith’s skill with the camera is simply amazing if you ever take the time to look at her pictures.

5. She’s a producer at ABC News.

She isn’t just bound to photography as she’s also stepped her game up by becoming a news producer at ABC. At this point in history since the news is being looked at with a great deal of skepticism and pictures are constantly being accused of being photo-shopped it’s a difficult task to get anyone to care or believe what’s reported, but the trick of it is that the news staff needs to keep plugging away and making sure they check their sources.

4. She has a passion for photography.

If you’re good at something and have a real love for it then there’s always a good chance that you should be able to take it and turn it into a career. The only bad thing that can possibly happen then is that it becomes a job and therefore loses its luster. Thankfully Meredith has never lost that passion for photography as she continues to practice her passion on a regular basis and documents the world through her lens whenever she has the chance.

3. She’s based in New York City.

Frost has stated that she loves New York simply because it seems to change a little every day. This isn’t too surprising given its size and the necessity that would come from a city so large needing to accommodate its many citizen on a continual basis. This would open up a great deal of opportunities for the photographer that wanted to show the difference between today and tomorrow and next week.

2. She’s been active since 20o7.

Eleven years might seem like a long time behind the camera but if you really love what you’re doing then those years can go by in a flash. Looking back at them is never a bad thing, it’s trying to live in those years as though you’ve missed something that can be self-defeating. But thankfully Meredith loves to move forward and see just what might present itself to her lens as she continues to look for the perfect picture at any given moment.

1. Her favorite superhero is Lois Lane.

You might say that technically Lois Lane isn’t a superhero and for the most part you’d be right, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be idolized. She’s the pioneering spirit and female role model that a lot of women have admired for a lot of years since she’s bold, intrepid, and not afraid to push forward to get what she’s looking for.

If anything Lois Lane is exactly the hero women want to see today.

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