Five Things You Didn’t Know About Max Grundy

Fans of Max Grundy know that his artwork is trendy and timely. He’s built a solid reputation in the art world for his one of a kind creations that feature a “post apocalyptic” theme. He joined the Team Slam’d as a designed who has made some impressive contributions to the auto industry with his individualistic and creative designs, but who is the man behind the art? Here are five things that you didn’t know about Max Grundy.

1. “Fear is the new beauty” offers his opinion on the media

Max is very straightforward about his views on society today. He believes that the media exploits the emotion of fear and uses it as a form of propaganda to gain control over the masses. His artwork “fear is the new beauty” is his way of striking out against this use of the powerful emotion by turning the tables with his artistic creativity. He uses shapes and colors to present fears which are consuming, as creations that take on “beautiful and soulful.” He’s diminishing the power that is being wielded by mass media and representing fear as something more tangible that we can all see. He isolates fear into entertaining artwork which neutralizes the threat

2. Grundy’s fascinations are his inspirations

His work is unique and the inspirations that fuel his creativity come from his fascination with the automotive industry for which he is so well known, and other concepts which are unrelated. He has a vast knowledge of the principles and impacts of propaganda, particularly from the World War eras. He understands the intricate facets of how it is used in addition to the impact that it has on the people of the world. His designs are a reflection of this understanding, and they impart his opinions about them through form and design. It’s apparent that is enamored of the 1940s influence as we see this refection in elements of his artwork. He’s the master of incorporation and his artwork reads much like a commentary of the theme.

3. He’s a master of mixed mediums that penetrate the psyche

Grundy makes good use of bod and black outlines to draw attention to his focal points. He renders a classic Americana style with a major confluence of multiple elements that can be separated by distinct features. He skillfully uses an automotive theme with the incorporation of designs that point towards the phobias that are common in the masses. He’s able to convey these though a composite of multiple eras and symbolism used as solid representations. The variations of style meld wonderfully to touch deep parts of the human psyche and deliver the intended message.

4. Teachers told him he’s never make it

Max Grundy had a difference of opinion on some of the views of his contemporaries. Professors and teachers didn’t see a future in his pursuit of automotive art and they shared their beliefs with him. Max earned a Master’s Degree in Art History and started his career as an art teacher. He didn’t forget what his teachers had told him, but instead of discouraging him, it made Max more passionate about showing the world that it was possible to earn a living as an automotive artist. His journey has been markedly unique and he’s achieved a high level of success with art that may not be the preference of some of those who are more traditional minded, but it is in his uniqueness that he has forged a niche. There aren’t many like Max Grundy because of his mind blowing ability to tell a story through visual representation.

5. Max Grundy is sought out by the major players

When he first started out, his teachers may not have believed in his dream, but he had a girlfriend who did. She supported his dreams and as his wife, moved with him from Utah to Los Angeles so he could work full-time on his goals. Max’s automotive art continued to gain attention from major manufacturers who have commissioned his work and granted him due credit. These include Disney, Sema and on the Slam’d team custom automotives, he designs vehicles which are duly noted as “Max Grundy Designs.”

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