Five Things You Didn’t Know about Mathew Knowles

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Mathew Knowles

You might want to argue that no one would know who Mathew Knowles was without his daughters Beyonce and Solange, but before they really started out he was already getting his name out there and becoming something of a success. While he might be able to bank on their fame as of now he was still instrumental to their success and has done enough on his own that he’s been able to support his family for a very long time. So yeah, he might push the success of his daughters and enjoy it now and again but he’s put in his own work as well.

It would be nice to have kids that are world famous though.

5. He used to sell office and medical equipment.

He did this for well over ten years before getting into the music industry, finding it to be a way to pay the bills and make some money as he advanced up the ladder. Believe it or not there can be good money in this kind of business since if one keeps up with the changes in the medical field they can turn a healthy profit. Doctors and surgeons and their places of business will always be in need of equipment, and so will various office settings.

4. He was once the manager of Destiny’s Child.

He did a lot for the group no matter that there seemed to be a lot of issues that went with managing Destiny’s Child. From the moment the problems started one could almost assume that the group would eventually break up, but when it finally came it was still something of a surprise. What’s not a surprise is that one Beyonce’s career took off she was seen as the one and only star of the group.

3. He was one of the executive producers of the movie Obsessed.

In some ways it would almost seem like a conflict of interest when overseeing a movie that your own daughter is starring in, especially being in the role of a producer. But it’s been done so much throughout cinematic history that it’s not really a big deal these days and is an easy thing to get around it seems. There’s enough of a distance between the executive producer and the actors it seems that things work out just fine.

2. He released his first book in 2015.

The DNA of Achievers: 10 Traits of Highly Successful Professionals, seems like kind of a pretentious title that would be held over those that don’t typically succeed, but it’s kind of expected with those that achieve the kind of success he has. If it works for people then it’s a good book to pick up, otherwise it just seems like something to appease someone’s ego.

1. He was accused for not paying over a million dollars in taxes for the 2010-2011 tax season. 

Keep in mind he was accused, though I don’t know if he was ever found guilty of this. That’d be a hard hit to the bank account for anyone really.

Of course if you make millions then it might not be so bad.

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