Five Things You Didn’t Know about Juelz Santana

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Juelz Santana

Juelz Santana is an American rapper and actor that might be popular in certain circles but seems to kind of play up his fame a little too much at times. There’s no need to downplay him simply because he is on the scene and has earned his musical stripes, but it really seems at times that he kind of overplays himself and attempts to live up to his own hype. So far as his fame goes people know about him and what he does. But as far as it takes him otherwise it kind of feels as though he might overstep his bounds now and again.

There’s only so much a celebrity can get away with in life after all.

5. His real name is LaRon Louis James.

Changing his name isn’t such a big thing since a lot of people in the music and movie industries do this on a regular basis. Either their own given name doesn’t have the kind of zing they need it to have to further their career or they figure that they can come up with a better name that people will remember more often. Then again there’s always the thought that they want a different name so when they’re off stage they can have some privacy under their real name.

4. He’s a member of the The Diplomats.

The Diplomats were started up in 1997 by a trio of friends that grew up together. Santana managed to join the group just two years later. They had a few issues over the years but managed to make it work for a while. The only big problems came when Santana couldn’t make it to the studio since he was having some type of legal problem or another and was detained for long periods of time.

3. He began rapping at the age of five.

It’s safe to say that he knew what he wanted to do when he was very young. Growing up in Harlem there were a lot of opportunities for a lot of people but some folks that lived around the culture, like Santana, seemed to just get the vibe of the hip hop scene and dove into it headfirst. There was no changing his mind as he continued to grow up as he wanted to be a rapper and wouldn’t think twice about it.

2. He’s had various issues with firearms.

His studio has been raided, he’s been found to be in possession of a firearm without a permit, and has just in general had issues that are related to guns and controlled substances that have continually gotten him into trouble. Perhaps the only reason he hasn’t faced charges as of yet is his celebrity status and the fact that he has top notch lawyers to defend him. Anyone else would have been serving time by now.

1. He’s been accused of making terrorist threats and also disorderly conduct.

This is where celebrity status shouldn’t mean much. Getting in trouble with guns, illegal substances, and then terrorist threats should be the last straw. But apparently Santana is still a free man enjoying his life.

It might seem negative-minded, but this kind of thing is why celebrities catch so much heat when they get in trouble and then get pardoned or allowed to keep their freedom.

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