Five Actors Who Should Play Kobe Bryant in a Biopic

Five Actors Who Should Play Kobe Bryant in a Biopic

The world has been mourning the passing of NBA legend Kobe Bryant, and hopefully has at least paid some respect to those that were with him when the helicopter he and his daughter were in crashed to the ground. In the history of basketball he’s easily been lauded as one of the greatest and there’s even been people that would love to see his image become the basis for a new NBA logo. Unfortunately because of talk like this and the idea that his death overshadows the others that passed with him there are plenty of detractors that will admit the harsh truth that life goes on and that he’ll be fondly remembered, but that dwelling on his passing is not in keeping with the reality of everyday life. Thanks to his contributions to the sport however and his admirable career there’s no doubt that there might very well be a movie or two dedicated to him in the coming future, though nothing has been set in stone yet. When that day comes though there’s going to be a need for an actor that will be able to do justice to the player and the man that so many remember.

Here are a few ideas on who could possibly play Kobe.

5. Elijah Kelley

This movie would almost need to star someone that has some clout in Hollywood but not so much that they’re a household name since in a big way this would help Kobe’s story be told without giving too much attention to the person that’s playing the role. Elijah has starred in more than a few roles but thus far his career has been hard to nail down as a rousing success. He’s been a moderate actor thus far and has done a good job with what he’s been given and has even been convincing in his act but something like this might elevate him to the next level if he found himself in the running for the part.

4. Shad Moss

Somehow this guy keeps popping up here and there now and again even when people think that he might be gone or laying low when it comes to the business. Thus far in his career he’s usually been the best friend of the lead actor or has taken the lead. To date not much of what he’s done has really been all that great but it’s easy to think that he could finally break through with a lead position such as this, though as far as looking like Kobe it might behoove the casting director to find a virtual unknown rather than anyone who’s been around for a while. Still, Shad might be an option.

3. Denzel Whitaker

Denzel has a pretty full resume to look at and he’s also a busy man it would appear since he has a few different projects on the line at the moment. This could be a mark in his favor since it’s obvious that he’s in some type of demand and could therefore use that to show that he’s a dependable and reliable individual that can produce when a director asks him too. It’s fair to say that a lot of people might not have heard that much about him, but still it takes a moment to search and see that he’s done quite a bit and has been around for long enough by now to know the ins and outs of getting prepped for a role.

2. Aldis Hodge

A lot of folks might remember Aldis from Leverage where he was absolutely great, but he did show up in the acclaimed Straight Outta Compton as well so it’s obvious that he has a good deal of talent that others can see and isn’t shy about stepping into one role or another when he needs to. If he’s to be cast or even considered though that would mean that the project would need to start eventually since he’s not all that old really but he’s still not getting any younger. In fact it’s hard to say just what age the movie would show Kobe since he had such a remarkable career throughout the years, and much of it started when he was a lot younger.

1. Brandon T. Jackson

Again, trying to pin down someone that looks just like Kobe is kind of tough, as much as it is with anyone since finding a person that matches a real-life character is a stroke of luck most times given that the differences between people is often great enough that trying to match them perfectly has to be done on a ‘close enough’ basis. But Brandon has shown that he can step into a role just as well as anyone, and would be a wise consideration for this role.

At the end of the day, it’s enough to say that Kobe is already missed and will be remembered as a legend.

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