If Danny Masterson is Guilty, Please Lock this Guy Up

I never liked Danny Masterson.  All the way back to his days when he was in the movie “Bye Bye Love” as the guy who says “Party Party!” I never got a good vibe from him.  I never liked him on “That 70s Show.”  He was the only character I didn’t find funny.   While he’s not quite the same guy as Johnny Galecki I used to get the two confused.   Anyway, that’s besides the point.  I just didn’t like his gruff character.  I never felt he brought anything to the table.  What does this have to do with Danny Masterson in real life?  Absolutely nothing except for the fact that maybe in real life he actually tries a little hard to be cool?

There’s a part of me that connects the crappy characters he played to what he’s now being accused of, which is sexual abuse a long number of years ago (2001).  Masterson is denying all allegations claiming that the women bringing up the claim are doing this for personal gain and to get exposure to anti-Scientology show.

Oh, right, I forgot to bring that up.  Danny Masterson is a Scientologist.  While he doesn’t have the profile of a Tom Cruise he’s still a celebrity and this doesn’t look good for their organization.  I just hope that if charges are brought against Masterson and he’s found guilty that he goes to jail.  No probation.  No settlement.  Just send the dude to jail and be done with it.

Honestly I don’t have much to say other than that except for the fact that anyone’s who is an actual Scientologist has serious problems.

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