10 Things You Didn’t Know about Meg Maley

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Meg Maley

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Meg Maley

Meg Maley made her grand entrance to the reality TV world as a cast member on season 17 of Big Brother. Meg had a good run in the house, and she left a lasting impression on many viewers. Her reality TV days may be over, but she’s not quite finished with the spotlight. Meg recently made headlines after announcing her engagement to former survivor contestant and winner, Mike Holloway. Fans were excited to see that the couple, who had been dating for a while, decided to take things to the next level. Even though Meg didn’t win her season of Big Brother, it looks like she ended up going home with a prize anyway. Keep reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Meg Maley.

1. She Works In Casting

Meg may not be interested in being on any more reality TV shows, but that doesn’t mean she’s left the industry for good. She currently works in the casting industry. According to her IMDB page, she was a casting associate for MTV’s series, Floribama Shore.

2. She’s Had Some Acting Roles

Meg is an energetic person who likes to have a good time and make others smile, so it’s no surprise that she’s tried her hand at acting. She currently has two acting credits, one for an appearance in The Bold and the Beautiful and another for a TV show called Back to Reality.

3. She Supports Black Lives Matter

Sometimes it can be difficult to speak up for the things you believe in, especially if those things could be considered controversial. However, Meg hasn’t let that stop her from openly supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. Over the last few months, she has shared news and resources regarding BLM on social media.

4. She Suffers From Arthritis

When Meg was just 12-years-old, she was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. The pain she experienced was often unbearable and she had to undergo several knee surgeries. She went through a period where she was afraid to tell even her closest friends about her condition. During her time on Big Brother, she decided to open up about the illness and some of the struggles she’s faced because of it.

5. She Played Baseball And Hockey In High School

During high school, Meg joined the baseball and hockey teams, but a love of sports wasn’t the driving factor. Instead, she joined because she wanted to have an easy way to flirt with boys. What better way to do that than being on two teams that consist of mostly boys?

6. Her Father Is The Mayor Of Her Hometown

Meg was born and raised in Collingswood, New Jersey and she describes growing up in Jersey as “the best time of her life.” Her father, Jim Maley is the mayor of Collingswood. He is also a member of the Board of Commissioners and serves as the Commissioner of Public Affairs and Public Safety.

7. She Worked As A Server

Before joining the cast of Big Brother, Meg was living a pretty ‘normal’ life. She had moved to New York City and was working as a server to make ends meet. However, being on the show has changed Meg’s life in ways she probably could have never imagined.

8. She Loves Spending Time Outdoors

Meg isn’t the kind of person who likes to sit still. She hates being bored and likes to get out and enjoy the exciting side to life. When the weather is nice, you can likely catch Meg outside soaking it all in. She and her fiance spend a lot of time outdoors doing things like swimming, hiking, and working out.

9. She Likes To Travel

Traveling is one of the most enriching things a person can experience. There’s nothing quite like getting the chance to see new places and enjoy some of the things they have to offer. Meg has gotten the chance to do a good bit of traveling within the United States. Some of the places she’s visited include Puerto Rico, Catalina Island, and Florida.

10. She Once Won a Cruise With Rob Gronkowski

Not winning the grand prize on Big Brother was probably a bummer for Meg, but she didn’t leave entirely empty handed. While on the show Meg was shocked to find out she had won a cruise with NFL star, Rob Gronkowski. According to an article on Bustle, “The experience is known as Gronk’s Party Ship and includes pretty much everything you would want in a party cruise. It’s basically a floating frat party with beer, red cups, and an appearance from Waka Flocka Flame.”

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