10 Things You Didn’t Know About Elizabeth Tulloch

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Elizabeth Tulloch

Elizabeth Tulloch

Someone is returning to the Arrowverse on CW, and fans can’t get enough. Actress Elizabeth Tulloch is mostly known for her role on Grimm, but she’s appeared on CW’s hit shows The Flash and Supergirl during last year’s crossover event. This year, Entertainment Weekly reports that Tulloch is reprising her role as Lois Lane. She will be joined by Tyler Hoechlin as Superman, and there are reports that the storyline might also feature Clark Kent and Lois Lane’s kid. We’ll find out once the crossover actually happens; but in the meantime, let’s fill you in on things that you might not know about Elizabeth Tulloch.

1. Bitsie’s heritage

Her friends lovingly call Tulloch “Bitsie,” but it isn’t because her first name is Elizabeth. The nickname is actually a nod to her grandfather’s name, who was a World War II bomber pilot. That’s not the only interesting thing about Bitsie’s background. Her heritage and ethnicity is a hodgepodge of cultures and places. Although she was born in San Diego, Bitsie spent a lot of time in other countries including Spain, Argentina, and Uruguay. Her Spanish descent stems from her mother’s side, while her father’s side is of Scottish descent.

2. Education

After growing up outside the United States, Tulloch returned after a few years to live in Bedford, New York. She attended and graduated from both middle and high school in Bedford. After high school, Tulloch got accepted into Harvard University. She eventually graduated magna cum laude from Harvard with a degree in both English and American Literature and Visual and Environmental studies. She’s not only beauty, but she’s a lot of brains as well.

3. Film

Her first film was a mockumentary by George Lucas, and she basically portrayed the role of R2D2’s girlfriend. She did a few television shows after before landing a role on Lakeview Terrace in 2008 opposite Samuel L. Jackson, Kerry Washington, and Patrick Wilson. In 2014, she landed her biggest role to date–Juliette Silverton/Eve in Grimm. Tulloch did a total of 119 episodes on that show within the 7 years that she starred in it.

4. Awards

Even though she hasn’t really landed a huge role yet, Tulloch’s talents haven’t gone unnoticed. In fact, Tulloch was nominated for a Critics’ Choice Award for Best Ensemble Cast. The film was The Artist. She was also nominated for the 28th Annual LA Weekly Theater Award. Aside from these awards, her acting skills have also been noticed by the likes of Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman, who eventually put her in a movie opposite some other great stars.

5. David

Tulloch first met her husband David Giuntoli at the set of Caroline and Jackie. The two co-starred in that film back in 2011, but they ended up reconnecting again after Tulloch got hired for her role in Grimm. The couple confirmed their relationship back in 2014, and by the time 2016 came, they were engaged. It took only a year of preparations before the couple tied the knot on June 2017. Just about two years later in February 2019, they welcomed their first child, Vivian.

6. Trail Blazers

Something happens when you stay too long at a place. You begin to act like a local and do what locals do. Grimm was filmed in Portland, Oregon, so Tulloch was living and working there for a few years. During her stay at Portland, Tulloch came to love the NBA team Portland Trail Blazers. She often attended games and became a true fan to this day.

7. Homes

It’s hard to let go of Portland because it means so much for Bitsie and her life. She worked there for so long, and that’s where she really got to know her husband David. We also learned that her favorite basketball team is there. In addition, Bitsie also owns a 1920s remodeled Dutch colonial home in Portland together with her husband. While Portland may be her forever home, Tulloch does have a 1920s Spanish house in Hollywood Hills. The couple spends majority of their time these days in their new home in sunny California.

8. Elizabeth

We’ve discussed that Bitsie was Elizabeth’s nickname, and that is true. But there was a time when Bitsie was actually her legal name. Elizabeth formally changed her name to Bitsie when she was in her 20s only because everyone called her Bitsie and she also introduces herself as Bitsie. However, it came about in billing situations that Bitsie seemed a little too cutesy. She made the decision to change her name back to Elizabeth formally shortly after she turned 30, just so the name can match the face and the age.

9. Grimm

Being on the set of Grimm was something special for Tulloch. She may have been the youngest on set having joined when she had just turned 30, but everyone else on the cast was about the same age. She loved working on a television series because it gave her the chance to really get to know people and grow with people rather than creating movies and working for only months at a time. She’s grown quite close to the members of the Grimm cast, and it’s something that Tulloch believes she might never get again.

10. Superman

Ever since Tulloch first appeared on last year’s crossover event with Hoechlin, rumors of a Superman spinoff has plagued the CW network. Fans are definitely open to the idea and so is Tulloch. The actress is very much willing to play Lois Lane in a standalone Superman show, especially since she and Hoechlin had great chemistry on and off screen. We’re crossing our fingers that this actually happens, but the crossover is plenty enough to keep us occupied for now.

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