Five Things You didn’t Know about Jordana Spiro

Five Things You didn’t Know about Jordana Spiro

Jordana Spiro is an American actress that’s been featured largely in TV but has also made her way to film. She’s played several personable characters that people tend to remember but has also been a guest star on many shows that is easily forgotten. As of now her career is reaching a high note as she’s been featured on one of Neflix’s new shows, Ozark. While her fame is still on the rise she’s a promising actress that’s accomplished a fair amount of success since coming on the scene in 1995. It seems a lot of actors that got started in the 90’s either experienced a stutter in their career for a while or went on to become megastars and then sputter out. Spiro is starting to rise, but it’s a measured climb thus far.

Here are a few things you may or may not have known about Jordanna.

5. She plays Rachel on Ozark.

In the Netflix series that came out just recently she plays Rachel, the owner of the Blue Cat that goes into business, reluctantly, with Marty Byrd. She has a lot of reservations about trusting Marty and trying to figure out what he’s into, but as it’s already been seen she’s not shy about helping herself to the proceeds he’s hidden away when she does. To call Rachel shifty might be unkind. She’s more like a floundering personality that just wants a way out of her current predicament.

4. She attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London.

Like several other actors she’s had a classical education and it shows. In Ozark you could barely tell that she wasn’t a Missouri native her acting was so spot on. This kind of education though tends to show through when those that benefit from the methods and techniques are keen on learning from the best institutions.

3. She has four siblings.

Growing up with one or two siblings is hard enough no matter what age everyone is. But growing up with four other personalities in the house seems like it could be kind of tough. Thankfully it seems like she’s pulled through without any major issues and tends to connect well with her family. That’s a miracle in and of itself.

2. She’s been a guest star in many shows.

She’s had starring roles but those few times she was the main attraction her show got cancelled. From that point she’s had a lot of guest roles on various TV shows. On Ozark it’s unknown if Rachel will be returning at all or if she is well and gone with her small fortune. Fans might want to see her back though, she was kind of a neutral character in a show where everyone’s either bad or good, in a very subjective way.

1. She’s very passionate about photography. 

Jordana discovered a very big passion for photography. She’s even produced several short films and she entered the MFA in Filmmaking program at Columbia University.

Look for Jordana to be featured in more and more shows as her career continues. She’s not bound to go anywhere but forward, and up.


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