Five Things You Didn’t Know about Jon Grissom

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Jon Grissom

Jon Grissom was born Cloyd Jon Grissom in Alaska. He is currently in the news after being accused by 1980’s teen actor Corey Feldman of sexually molesting him. Amidst the Hollywood scandals of sexual harassment by Hollywood big shots like Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and Jeremy Piven among many others, Corey Feldman has been making the talk show rounds with claims that he and other young boys were molested by people in Hollywood during the 1980’s. Feldman has gone so far to claim that there was a Hollywood pedophile ring.

Feldman is currently trying to raise $10 million to make a film that he says will document the abuse and name names. Feldman has claimed that he told police about the abuse and named names in 1993 and in his book “Coryography”. In the book, Feldman used the pseudonym “Ron Crison” as his abuser. Who is Jon Grissom and did he abuse Corey Feldman and other young actors?

Here are five things you didn’t know about Jon Grissom.

Who is Jon Grissom

Jon Grissom was born Cloyd Jon Grissom in Alaska and went to high school in Arizona. Apparently Grissom worked as an actor on two films, “License to Drive” in 1988 and “Dream a Little Dream” in 1989. Both Corey Feldman and Corey Haim starred in the movies. Grissom played a valet in “License to Drive” and a gym teacher in “Dream a Little Dream”. Apparently, Jon Grissom was a Feldman Family Friend who became Corey Feldman’s personal assistant. At the age of 15, Feldman became emancipated from his parents when he found out they lost much of his filmmaking money.

As Corey Feldman’s personal assistant

As Corey Feldman’s personal assistant, Jon Grissom became close to both Corey Feldman and his friend and often co-star Corey Haim. The two Coreys were at the height of their acting fame during the 1980’s and Grissom was able to play bit parts in two of their movies. Feldman is famous for his roles ifn 1984’s “Gremlins”, 1985’s “The Goonies”, 1986’s “Stand By Me” and 1987’s “The Lost Boys”. Haim was a teen idol and starred in movies including “Lucas” and “The Lost Boys”. Feldman and Haim later made a scripted reality show “The Two Coreys” for A & E Network in 2007. Haim was recovering from drug addiction and moved in with Feldman and his then-wife for the show’s filming. Haim would die from pneumonia in 2010. Feldman’s claims that Grissom molested him include claims that Grissom molested Haim as well.

Feldman’s ongoing accusations

Corey Feldman claims that Jon Grissom gave him cocaine and crack while he served as his assistant. He also claims that Grissom gave him pills and then performed sexual acts on Feldman. Corey Feldman published a book “Coreyography” in 2013 where he tells the story of how he was molested by a man named Ron Crimson. Feldman has said in the past that he and Haim were molested as teenagers. Recently, Corey Feldman has been asking for money to sponsor a film he wants to make about what he calls a pedophile ring in Hollywood that targeted young actors. He’s asking for $10 million to make the movie and has raised about $200,000. He promises to name names in the movie.

On the talk show circuit, Feldman has been criticized for capitalizing on the issue. Even Corey Haim’s mom will not support the movie but would be happy if he did name names. Feldman claims that he told the San Diego Police Department about the molestation and gave them names in 1993 when he was brought in as a witness for Michael Jackson’s alleged molestation accusations. Feldman denies that Michael Jackson ever molested him, but rather says that Jackson helped him feel safe from predators. The San Diego Police Department denies Feldman ever gave them names. While appearing on “The Dr. Oz Show” on November 2, 2017, Feldman and Dr. Oz reported the claims to the police.

He has an arrest record

Jon Grissom does have a history of arrest and even imprisonment for a several violations of the law. He was arrested in Utah in 1995 but it is not clear what he was arrested for. He did spend three months in an Arizona prison for credit card theft, unlawful means of transportation and resisting arrest. He served time in prison in 2003 for a 2001 arrest for performing lewd and lascivious acts on a minor. His past is certainly sketchy.

Where is Jon Grissom

Apparently Jon Grissom is living in Mazalton, Sinaloa in Mexico. He has kept a public social media presence. He appears on My Space and Facebook and has posted pictures of him with Corey Feldman and Corey Haim from the time he worked with them. Feldman is particularly anguished that the man who he has not kept secret abused him would flaunt their previous working relationship. Grissom has posted a message to family and friends who he says he has not seen in 10 years while he’s been living in Mexico. In the wake of Corey Feldman’s recent accusations, Jon Grissom has been attacked on social media by Feldman’s supporters. Unfortunately even another Jon Grissom has been mistakenly attacked on social media.

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