Five Things You Didn’t Know about Seolhyun

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Seolhyun

Seolhyun is a South Korean pop singer that has recently been involved in a nude picture scandal since a photoshopped nude pic was released to the public. She’s not the first and she likely won’t be the last unfortunately as this kind of thing seems to be a favorite pastime of those that have nothing better to do than create fake pictures and stir up a lot of trouble. Thankfully the act was easy to spot and the singer’s reputation hasn’t suffered any for it. Her representatives have included that if whoever was responsible was caught they are going to be pushing for a very severe punishment.

Society is a strange place if faking naked pictures is what’s called entertainment.

5. She’s been wanting to sing since she was in high school.

Being just 23 years of age it hasn’t been that long of a trip yet from being virtually unknown to being someone of importance. But the trip has been something else no doubt since she is now one of the biggest names in her country. Her singing has made her one of the biggest stars in her homeland while she still aspires to do more as she continues to build her career.

4. Her sister works for Cosmopolitan.

Her sister is the fashion editor for Cosmopolitan so perhaps it’s fair to say that she has a contact that could have helped her along the way a bit. There’s nothing illicit about knowing people that could hook you up when it comes to jobs or opportunities, it’s simply how you use those contacts that defines what’s bad or good. For instance her sister could have given her the opportunity to meet the right people or audition for the right parts that could get her noticed.

3. She made her debut in 2012.

So she’s relatively new to the industry still but is already making herself known which is a good thing. The more she stays in the public eye the better since quite honestly she’s got the looks to make it and it seems as though she has much more than that when it comes to her skill set as well. Right now she’s poised to be a big star, all she needs to do is keep doing what she’s doing, and of course find whoever posted those fake pictures of her for her own peace of mind.

2. She’s an actress as well.

She’s starred in films as well as TV and has been a hostess for a few shows as well. Being a singer and an actor kind of makes a person a little more valuable assuming that they can do both with a great enough amount of skill that people will gladly listen to or watch them repeatedly.

1. She’s a Film major.

It would seem that she’s still in school and studying Film while she’s making a career. That’s impressive since just going to school and having a regular wage-paying job is hard enough. But maybe she’s looking into getting behind the camera eventually. It could happen.

Right now she seems to have a lot of on her plate, but it also seems like she’s handling it fairly well.

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