Five Things You Didn’t Know about Jas Prince

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Jas Prince

The guys behind the scenes when it comes to entertainment aren’t always the best known but they are usually the biggest influences. Jas Prince is the son of James Prince, a successful CEO and an icon behind the scenes of Hip Hop. Jas has signed a few very influential people to his own label and has been taking on the same role as his father now for some time. While the Hip Hip genre has been fairly stable at its core for a while the fringes and even the levels closer to the heart of the genre have at time been in flux. Jas Prince has been there and had a few issues with a few individuals that seem to think that they either don’t need him or that they’re not being treated fairly.

Here’s a few things you may or may not have known about Jas Prince.

5. He’s an entrepreneur.

Much like his father he is going his own way and that’s impressive enough. Getting a leg up in the business usually means knowing the right people, making contacts, and maintaining relationships with those that can help one’s career to rise. Prince has learned a great deal from his father and has made his own label work for him and others that have signed with him.

4. He has issues with Birdman.

Since Drake is under Prince’s label a part of his profits go to Prince who owns that particular label. The issue is that Birdman made another deal with Drake that is cutting into the original deal between Drake and Prince. That means a lot of money that would have been going to Prince is now filling Birdman’s pockets instead. The world of business is ruthless it seems.

3. He discovered Drake on Myspace.

Anyone still remember Myspace? It hasn’t been that long ago really if you think about, but Facebook has kind of taken over in the short time it’s been around. Anyway, it was very possible to get noticed on Myspace back in the day and Drake was one of those few talents that was found and signed eventually thanks to his musical abilities. It’s a lot of skill but also a lot of luck that gets people noticed.

2. His father is the CEO of Rap-a-lot records.

That’s a lot to live up to really but Prince has been doing the job now for some time. He’s no doubt looking to surpass his old man but will probably have to keep reaching for the stars for a little while longer. It’s not as much of a reach as it used to be, but greatness comes with time.

1. He has more than 220,000 fans on Instagram.

In the days before Instagram it took a lot more effort to gain this many fans. In fact even half of this number would have had to be gained by actually being among the people, which Jas is not entirely above either. Likely as not his fan base will continue to grow so long as he keeps signing new and bright talent.

One of these days he’ll no doubt be a legend in the business.


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