Five Things You Didn’t Know About Gina Torres

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Gina Torres

There are many reasons why an actor may leave a series. Creative differences between the actor and producers or directors are common issues. Often, people immediately assume that there was conflict if an actor leaves a show. Many times, actors simply have to look out for their best interest. Such was the case when Gina Torres announced her departure from Suits.

The long-time star of the show has had a prolific career in television, film, and voice acting. She is best known for her role as Jessica Pearson on Suits. However, her personal life is highly interesting as well. Many people could learn from how Torres has handled some of the difficult moments in her career. Here are five of the most interesting facts about this talented actress.

5. She is married to another actor

Hollywood is famous for making it difficult to maintain personal relationships. Torres, however, has managed to find incredible success while maintaining a happy marriage for nearly 15 years. She is married to the esteemed Laurence Fishburne. The two became engaged in 2001 and married the following year. Their family has expanded as Torres is the stepmother of Fishburne’s children and they have one daughter together.

4. Gina Torres Net Worth 

Torres has seen an extraordinary amount of success over her long and distinguished career. In addition to appearances in some of the most popular series on television such as Suits, she has also done considerable work in film and voice acting. As such, it is no surprise that she has an impressive net worth. Currently, it is estimated that Torres has a net worth of $1 million.

3. She took a risk when she started acting 

Torres had a promising start to her career as an entertainer. She attended the prestigious Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School where she studied voice. However, she lacked the finances to attend a college to further develop her skills. Despite this, she had the self-belief to dive straight into a career as a professional actor.

2. She has worked extensively with her husband 

Torres and her husband, Laurence Fishburne, have done a considerable amount of work together. She appeared with Fishburne in The Matrix: Reloaded and The Matrix: Revolutions. They also worked together on Five Fingers.

Perhaps most notably, the two portrayed a married couple on the highly popular series Hannibal. It is also interesting to note that Torres made her television debut on the same show in which Fishburne started working.

1. She chose to leave Suits for personal reasons 

While many have speculated that a conflict between Torres and producers led to her departure from Suits. In truth, she simply felt that it would be best for her personal life if she left after the end of her contract. She found it very difficult to travel from her home in LA to where the show was filmed in Toronto. While many actors allow their personal lives to suffer in order to find success in their careers, Torres was able to make the tough decision and put her family first.

Final Thoughts

Gina Torres is a fantastic example of how a highly popular actress can maintain a long and happy marriage, find success without higher education, and have the courage to put her family before her work. Her career has seen her perform in some of television’s most popular shows while also seeing success in film and voice acting. Very few performers have seen the type of incredible personal and professional success that Torres has achieved.

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