Five Things You Didn’t Know About Dalal Badr

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Dalal Badr

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Dalal Badr

Dalal Badr is an actress who is best known for her roles in “Caesar and Cleopatra” (2009),”A Brand New You” (2014) and most recently “White Night” in 2017. She is a beautiful girl who has that mysterious Mediterranean look and she looks like an Egyptian princess at first glance. She is a member of the cast of the new television series “The Bold Type.” The show is a spin on the women who work at the world famous Cosmopolitan Magazine. Although the series has just recently launched, it shows promise of being a big hit. It sends an important message to women that they can succeed in their chosen careers. Badr fits in perfectly with the intention of the show. She’s a rising star in the acting profession, but here are five things that you didn’t know about her.

1. Oceans fascinate her

Dalal was born in the very small town of Kitimat, Northern British Columbia, Canada. She has since relocated and her acting base is in Toronto. she enjoys visiting new places all along with West Coast because of her love for the ocean and scenic mountains. This makes her new acting job the perfect fit because she frequently travels to new locations that have ocean views.

2. Dalal really does have a flair for journalism

Just because she’s appearing in “The Bold Type” does not mean that she is a good writer in real life. But in this case, she actually is. Badr has written a very interesting article that discusses why supporting actors need to have support as well. These important cast members help to keep the show moving ahead and without them, the lead characters would not have a good background for which to do their work. She excels at putting her thoughts into words and is a master at getting her point across. Her work is crisp and clear so kudos to her for being multi-talented. This makes us wonder if she will soon be doing script writing for the show.

3. She compares acting to food

Dalal doesn’t mess around when it comes to acting or food. She knows what it good and what is not. In a recent post, she described acting in a well-written show as having many different ways to go for the storylines. She compared it to a buffet of the most delicious and appealing foods. This may be an unusual way to get her point across but it worked very well. Badr’s comparison hits the nail straight on the head. The new show “The Bold Type” already has an excellent base story. It has been superbly written to leave enough open doors for secondary stories of great substance. Badr is highly creative and interpretive, which are both useful skills for any actor.

4. Badr has theater experience

Dalal portrayed a character embroiled in a love triangle with three others. The setting of “Kiss” is 2014 Damascus. It is structured in Avant Garde and features multiple layers or storyline which is a bit confusing for the audience at times. The show gives a glance at the humanitarian crisis that Syrians faced at the time.

5. Dalal Badr has directed in theater

The multi-talented actress not only starred in “Kiss” but also directed it. It was a bit difficult for her and her cohorts to find the playwright because she found it on the internet. The play was uploaded in 2013 from Syria. She found him finally in a refugee camp and conversed via Skype with the help of an interpreter and the rest is history.

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