10 Things You Didn’t Know about Gabrielle Scharnitzky

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Gabrielle Scharnitzky

Gabrielle Scharnitzky

The great thing about Hollywood is that it has the ability to showcase talent at any age, from any place. Gabrielle Scharnitzky is just one, perfect example of this. The actress has been acting globally for decades, but American audiences have only recently been introduced to her talents. Already, audiences have been charmed by her ability to convey emotion, as well as her mastery of multiple languages. With a storied career already behind her, and a lot more to come, Gabrielle has plenty for new fans to discover. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Gabrielle Scharnitzky:

1. She’s German

Though Gabrielle has acted in plenty of projects in the English-speaking world, she’s actually German. Gabrielle was born in Amberg, which is a part of Bavaria, in Germany. The city is known for its historical town, which dates back to the middle ages, and its many catholic churches. Today, Gabrielle still lives in Germany, although she’s relocated to Berlin.

2. She used to work for Pan American Airlines

Before fully devoting herself to acting, Gabrielle worked for Pan Am airline. The job allowed her to travel frequently, which was a good match. Gabrielle has proven her willingness to work anywhere there’s an interesting project. With her acting alone, her jobs span multiple countries and continents. Thankfully, Gabrielle didn’t stay at Pan Am forever. She got a small role in the film Target, and decided to pursue acting instead.

3. She loves acting in plays too

Like a true master of her craft, Gabrielle loves the stage as much as she loves the camera. As far back as her childhood, Gabrielle was interested in plays. At the age of nine, she even wrote and acted in her own play. As an adult, she’s continued to act in plays in her native Germany. She’s also worked across the Atlantic, in the infamous New York stage scene.

4. She’s a German soap opera star

One of Gabrielle’s biggest claims to fame, is the German soap opera, Verliebt in Berlin. In the show, Gabrielle takes on the role of Antonia Kessler. No doubt fans can look forward to her showing off both her acting and language skills. The show, which is a remake of the American show, Ugly Betty, is what helped put Gabrielle on the map. It remains one of her most popular and well-known roles. It also further proves Gabrielle’s versatility as an actor. Whether it’s something classical, like a play, or something thoroughly modern, like a soap opera, Gabrielle makes it work.

5. She’s a part of the Bourne Universe

Most American fans probably recognize Gabrielle for her role as Petra on the USA network show, Treadstone. The show is a part of the Bourne universe, which is based off a series of novels by Robert Ludlum. Each of the books traces a different aspect of the life of former spy, Jason Bourne. The novels have spawned a series of movies, the most recent one being Jason Bourne, in 2016. Treadstone builds on that history, expanding outwards to include other characters within the international spy community. In the show, Gabrielle plays Petra, a former KGB agent.

6. She has her own acting studio

In addition to working as an actor, Gabrielle spends time training future actors. She runs her own acting studio, known as the Actor’s Lodge, in her home city of Berlin. The studio supports up and comers in multiple aspects of the film industry, offering various classes and workshops.

7. She supports a new generation of talent

In addition to her acting studio, Gabrielle isn’t above taking a small role to help the next generation of talent. One of her recent projects was a student academy film, that was nominated as a finalist for the Academy Awards. The role couldn’t have been very lucrative, and working with novice directors isn’t always easy. Nevertheless, Gabrielle was willing to set aside her international fame to help a student director achieve their vision. It shows her dedication not just to her own career, but to everyone in the acting profession.

8. She works for good causes

Gabrielle is also willing to put her talents to good use by doing charity work and public service announcements. One example is an AIDS awareness campaign, in which she talked about ways to have an active, but safe lifestyle.

9. She famously had to learn Russian in three days

When Gabrielle first auditioned for the role of Petra on the show Treadstone, she thought it was a perfect fit. She’s of Russian descent, and she also speaks English, allowing her to fit the role fairly well. Just one problem: she had to speak Russian. Despite her ancestry, Gabrielle doesn’t speak Russian. In order to help her, she reviewed the language with a Russian pianist, who she’d met through some charity work. With his help, she was able to master a portion of text in Russian and nail the audition. And all in just three days. On the show, her hard work and dedication is obvious in her accent. It doesn’t sound fake or too affected, and allows her to blend seamlessly with the character. Apart from her quick detour into Russian, Gabrielle also speaks three other languages: German, Italian, and English. She’s truly a multi-lingual talent.

10. Her most recent role is on an Italian show

If you want to see Gabrielle’s most recent work, check her out on the show Devils. Devils is an Italian and English co-production, being produced by Sky Italia. NBC purchased the show for international release, which means you should be able to access it multiple countries. The show is based off the novel Devils, by Guido Maria Brera, which was an international bestseller. It follows the journey of an Italian man, Massimo Ruggero, who works for the American head of an international investment bank. Unfortunately, his new mentor is not all that he seems to be. Massimo is left to make some difficult decisions about what’s right, and also what’s best for him. In the show, Gabrielle takes on the role of Antonia Kessler. No doubt fans can look forward to her showing off both her acting and language skills.

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