Five Things You Didn’t Know about Bennett Miller

Bennett Miller is the kind of guy that describes himself as a ‘tumbleweed’ in that he doesn’t own a car, a house, a staff, or a company. He’s essentially not tied down to anything possibly as a way to remain as liberated as possible and as free as he can be. It’s not a bad way to live,  just different, and it’s definitely a choice. Aside from that he’s been responsible for some very noteworthy movies such as Moneyball, Foxcatcher, and Capote. He might not have that many films to his name but he’s managed to create some very memorable ones so far and likely isn’t done yet.

Sometimes some of the greatest directors don’t need to shell out one movie after another to get noticed.

5. He’s directed six actors to Oscar nominations.

Those individuals are Philip Seymour Hoffman, Catherine Keener, Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, Steve Carrell, and Mark Ruffalo.  All six of these people are so well known for their contribution to film that you could say that they earned their way on their own talent. But then you’d have to recall that not every appearance they’ve made under different directors has landed them a nomination for an Academy award.

4. He’s into making films that are true stories.

There’s something about making a film based on a true story that resonates with a lot of people. It’s almost expected that between the screenwriter and the director that there will be a few moments in which the story doesn’t go true to life, but that’s pretty acceptable seeing as how the films usually come out looking pretty good at the end. Plus, true to life movies don’t always have the same glamour or drama that a lot of people want to see.

3. He was 38 before he directed his first feature film.

Taking into account how many people have started their film career in college and even before that these days this seems like a bit of a late start. But it could be that he hadn’t made his mind up just yet on what he wanted to do. There’s nothing wrong with starting later in life, several actors have done it and gone on to have very successful careers. Just like when you’re younger it’s a matter of how much you’re going to dedicate to your craft.

2. He also directs commercials.

I wonder if this is a kind of break between films that he sees as a way to pay the bills, gain more experience, or perhaps just unwind. It’s hard to know unless you sit down and talk to a person just what they think about certain aspects of their job. But it would seem that it might just be a way to fill the time between films.

1. To date he has a very short filmography.

He’s only done three feature-length films to this point and the last listed on his biography is Foxcatcher back in 2014. He does have a version of A Christmas Carol coming eventually it seems but there’s no telling when that one is going to be out.

He seems to go at his own pace, which is pretty cool.

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