Five Things You Didn’t Know about Anastasia Bryzgalova

Every time that the Olympics are held, it seems that there is someone who manages to catch the public’s attention because of their good looks. This one, said individual is Anastasia Bryzgalova, a Russian curler whose appearance has resulted in comparisons with Angelina Jolie as well as Meghan Fox. However, Bryzgalova deserves more mention for her curling skills, seeing as how she has managed to receive a medal as a curler at the Winter Olympics, which is an incredible accomplishment.

Here are five things that you may or may not have known about Anastasia Bryzgalova:

Got Involved in Curling on a Whim

Bryzgalova became involved in curling on what can more-or-less be called a whim. In short, what happened was that she saw an advertisement for a curling club in 2009. As a result, Bryzgalova became interested enough that she decided to give the sport a shot. Something that turned out to be rather fortuitous because she turned out to be quite good at it, so much so that she was able to turn a personal passion into a full-fledged career.

She Plays the Vice

For those who are unfamiliar with curling, there are four positions on a curling team, which are the lead, the second, the third, and the skip. Bryzgalova is the third for her team, which is also sometimes called a mate, a vice, or a vice-skip. As such, her roles include throwing the fifth and sixth stones, strategizing with the skip, who would be the captain of a curling team, and posting the scores for the end.

She Is Married to Her Doubles Partner

Bryzgalova is married to Alexander Krushelnitskiy, who is a curler as well. In fact, the two are doubles partners, which is on top of the two playing for the same curling club in Russia. Position-wise, Krushelnitskiy plays the role of skip, which would be the person who is responsible for throwing the last two stones as well as coming up with strategy for the team while in consultation with the vice.

The Two Won a Bronze Medal

The married couple have managed to distinguish themselves on more than one occasion. For example, when they competed in the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship, they managed to come away with the Gold. Just now, they have managed to earn Bronze at the Winter Olympics in South Korea by beating their Norwegian counterparts, which is not as good as it could be but nonetheless an impressive achievement in its own right.

She Has a Masters Degree

Bryzgalova has a master’s degree from Lesgaft National State University, which is a school that can be found in St. Petersburg. Like its name suggests, the school was named for Peter Lesgaft, a Russian teacher who can claim a number of impressive accomplishments to his name. For example, he was one of the founders of theoretical anatomy. Furthermore, he is considered to be the founder of physical education in Russia, which is perhaps unsurprising when he saw it as an excellent way to not just help students with their physical development but also with the formation of their characters.

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