Five Terrible Movies Involving The Cast Of A Journal For Jordan

Five Terrible Movies Involving The Cast Of A Journal For Jordan

Denzel Washington returns behind the director’s chair in A Journal For Jordan, which stars Michael B. Jordan as First Sergeant Charles Monroe King, a soldier deployed to Iraq who begins to keep a journal of love and advice for his infant son. The feature has a mix of veterans and newcomers with an impressive filmography. This article will list the five terrible movies involving the cast of A Journal For Jordan, whether they’ll background nobodies to the leading man (or woman). Each film must have over ten reviews and animated features are exempt from the list. Let’s get started with our first feature.

Fantastic Four

Somehow, Josh Trank managed to make his Fantastic Four worse than the previous incarnations. This origin story sees Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, and Jamie Bell playing as Reed Richards, Johnny Storm, Sue Storm, and Ben Grimm, who gain superhuman powers after being transported to an alternate universe. The production problems surrounding the 2015 feature are no secret at this point and it’s clear based on watching the film itself. Fantastic Four is filled with an incredible cast, but the misguided attempt to make the film dark ends up turning it into a tedious and pedestrian superhero film. There are several notable continuity errors and Doctor Doom has been stripped of everything that made him a compelling villain in the comics. There are several interesting ideas introduced throughout the film, but Trank doesn’t explore them to great effect. The actors try their best with the material that they’re given, but the script lets them down at every turn. Let’s hope Marvel can finally get a live-action Fantastic Four right.

That Awkward Moment

I don’t think Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller should make any more movies together. This gender swapped romantic comedy follows three friends, who have casual flings and make a pact to avoid commitment. However, all three men find themselves ending up in serious relationships and try to keep their romances from one another. That Awkward Moment could’ve been a thought-provoking film that dived into the issues that some men have when it comes to commitment in an engaging and funny manner. Instead, it’s a contrived mess. The notion that these three grown ass men are hiding a serious relationship from each other is ridiculous, and scenarios where they must do so is awkward, but not in a good way. More importantly, That Awkward Moment just isn’t funny. The beats for this film are all predictable and the characters range from moronic to bland. A missed opportunity featuring a talented cast.

The Loft

What could’ve been a steamy, twisty, mystery/thriller ends up turning out to be one of the worst films ever made. The Loft is about five men who share a penthouse to carry out their extramarital affairs: however, a dead body of an unknown woman shows up. This causes panic and paranoia amongst the group and friends are tested, marriages are threatened, and lives are destroyed until the killer is revealed. Again, The Loft has an intriguing premise with a cast of strong actors; however, the film is clouded in ugliness. The characters are disgusting human beings who are neither compelling nor interesting. The film is also a slog to get through and the ridiculous piles on with every twist and turn that the movie throws at you. The Loft is sleazy, but not in a fun way, and the script is a jumbled mess that doesn’t truly understand what it wants to be. The actors try their best, but their characters are too unlikeable to root for.

The Collector

If you’re not a torture porn lover, then this tedious exercise in blood and guts is not for you. The Collector is about a man that targets a wealthy family’s home to steal a valuable gem; however, he’ll soon realize that he picked the wrongly night to carry out his plans because a deranged masked man has imprisoned the family and lined the mansion with deadly traps. A unique and original concept that lacks any true substance to a story that could’ve been more than for gore lovers. Don’t get me wrong, The Collector doesn’t sound like a thought-provoking piece, but The Collector is drowning out in blood and lazy and uninspired horror tropes. The characters are stupid, and the camera work is shoddy. Admittedly, the traps are kind of cool, but The Collector just isn’t worth your time.


Voyagers is another film with wasted potential. The movie is about a group of young men and women who go on a mission to colonize a distant planet. They uncover a dark secret and defy their training and begin to explore their most primitive natures. The world descends into chaos as the young adults become consumed by fear, lust, and power. Voyagers has the plot and premise of an erotic sci-fi thriller but plays out like a generic young adult adaptation. There’s a reason why that genre is somewhat extinct at this point because of the bland characters, nonsensical plotting, and eye rolling teenage romance. It’s a shame they dragged poor Colin Farrell into this.

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