Five Songs That Lead to the Creation of a Movie or TV Show

Inspiration comes in quite a few ways, and music is by far one of the best since hearing the right song can open up an idea to create something that people will fully enjoy or even something that will be considered ground-breaking in some way. It’s not bound to happen all the time, but there are those movies and TV projects that have been created thanks to a song that have gone on to be remembered and even enjoyed by a great many people since they somehow sparked the thought that something could be made from the main idea or even just the name of the song. The thought process that goes into this might confuse some folks, but the general idea is that people will listen to something and as a result, their thought process will begin to take shape in their mind and, if they’re lucky, they’ll be able to flesh out what they want to do on a storyboard and possibly come up with something that will make sense. That’s one way to do it anyway, and it’s been seen to work in the past since several songs have been able to influence the creation of a great number of shows and movies.

Here are a few movies that were created with a popular song in mind.

5. The Gambler

If Kenny Rogers came to mind immediately upon seeing the title then face it, you’re old. But seriously, the song did inspire several TV movies that kind of went off the whole idea that was created in the first place and likely had a lot of people thinking that the song was only written so that eventually the movie could be made. But it is an iconic song that a lot of people still enjoy since it is a story unto itself and it’s something that people can’t help but like since the pacing and the imagery is great given that it brings to mind that Kenny Rogers was a time one of the greatest artists around.

4. Mamma Mia

This one is kind of self-explanatory like many others since the whole essence of the song kind of went into the movie and created something that people were more than willing to watch and support. It’s definitely one of those that a person really has to be into since otherwise, it’s likely that said individual won’t really enjoy it, but looking at how it did at the box office one can easily think that a good number of fans were excited to hear that it was being made into a movie and therefore were anxious to go see it. While the second one didn’t exactly do quite as good there’s still something to be said about how far inspiration can go.

3. Night Fever

An interesting fact about this is that the original Saturday Night Fever was just going to be titled Saturday Night, but when this song was going to be attached to it the deal became that the title would change or the song wouldn’t be used. That sounds pretty cut and dried but it also sounds like someone gave the band a little too much freedom to lay down terms, especially when a lot of other songs could have been used for the movie. But in the end, the song was used, the title was changed, and it’s likely that if not for those two things happening the movie might not have been as memorable as it was.

2. Convoy

The movie is probably one that a lot of people today don’t remember or would get a chuckle out of if they do. The whole idea is about a trio of truck drivers that are constantly having issues with a lawman and end up having to outfox the guy again. The song is pretty straightforward and not too complicated to get into, which is nice since what it’s really about are truckers that are trying to rule the road for the most part, as it happens in the real world in some cases. One thing that’s easy to figure out about this is that messing with truckers is never a good idea for a number of reasons.

1. Love Potion No. 9

This is another story that should be pretty self-explanatory since the whole idea of the movie takes a bit of license from the music as two scientists create an unknown compound that somehow increases the attraction between people and as a result makes them increasingly more popular with the opposite sex. A lot of people might actually wish such a thing were real, but then again, after watching the movie some folks might be glad that it’s not real since it can cause just as many problems as it might solve.

There are plenty of other songs that have inspired movies, these were just a few.

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