“Mean Girls” is Taking the Stage on Broadway

That’s right, Mean Girls is going to Broadway. The high school adventure will be featuring much of the same material that was in the feature-length movie with an obviously different cast. Tina Fey, who created the original story, will be presiding over the play as well, and will be bringing back all of the feelings of high school that were highlighted in the film in an attempt to make the play something great but still unique enough to be called its own entity. So far the cast have already bonded and are on board with what has to happen.

A lot of us still remember high school, right? The awkwardness, the social isolation that could happen at times, the need to fit in and the idea that some people seemed to just have it together no matter what life threw at them? It was all a lot of noise to be honest. Very few people knew what they were doing in high school, even those that were so sure of themselves and knew which path they wanted to take. That was the point of high school though, it was finding yourself and a way that you wanted to go down that would affect your life after graduation. It was also a time to experiment with a number of things that might or might not work for the life you wanted.

It was also about fitting in though. Whether you did or didn’t, being part of something, or anything, in high school was usually the goal of the majority of the student body. In Mean Girls the Plastics were akin to THE authority on just about everything that had to do with the school, at least whatever they decided fit into their purview. Taylor Louderman, who’ll be playing the part of Regina George, is pretty psyched to be included in the production and has been carefully studying the work that Rachel McAdams, the original Regina, has already laid down. McAdams has expressed a desire to be invited to the premier and is looking forward to see how the production will be handled. Louderman has admitted that she might be too intimidated to talk to McAdams about her character, but is bound to do her best to make sure the character is given the proper respect she’s due. The chances seem pretty good that this play is going to be something special enough to warrant at least a decent review.

Mean Girls is a close look into high school life and politics that might not seem as important to those of us that have moved on from those years, but are extremely important to those that are still living them. High school is a time after all when little to nothing seems terribly important outside of what’s happening in your average day, though of course that’s been changing in the past year or so. Still, high school is the time when a person does their best to fit in, and barring that, will attempt to make their own place if they can’t find one within the existing system.


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