Five Reasons Malignant 2 Doesn’t Need to Happen

Five Reasons Malignant 2 Doesn’t Need to Happen

Five Reasons Malignant 2 Doesn’t Need to Happen

Sequels don’t always need to be made, no matter the arguments that many would levy against this statement. Too many ideas are driven into the ground with sequel after sequel, either because those behind the idea want to bring in the same type of paycheck that the original movie provided, or they think that the idea needs to be pounded into the skulls of the audience in an attempt to get them to agree that the sequel was a sound move to make. It would appear that a Malignant 2 might be in the making, but despite the fact that this movie was decent and did provide a fair amount of shock and horror that some people enjoyed, it doesn’t feel as though it warrants a sequel at this time. Those that have seen the movie might agree or disagree, but the manner in which the movie ended makes it appear that a sequel could have been a part of the plan all along, though it still doesn’t feel as though it was a solid part. 

Here are just a few reasons why Malignant shouldn’t get a sequel. 

5. The script would have to be nearly perfect. 

This isn’t so much of an issue as it is a desire to see something worthwhile come along since Malignant was a decent horror movie, but it wasn’t perfect. If a sequel did manage to outshine the original movie it would be amazing. The overall track record of sequels since the first one was ever made, which is said back in 1916 with the movie, The Fall of a Nation, has been a hit-and-miss practice that doesn’t always go the way people want. There’s another article worth of information to unload about why sequels don’t usually measure up, but it feels accurate to say that Malignant 2 wouldn’t be as perfect as it might need to be. 

4. Would the original actors return?

It might have nothing to do with desire, but scheduling issues do happen more often than not. While the movie didn’t feature a lot of big-name actors, there’s every reason to believe that the cast members might be needed elsewhere and might have too much going on to really take this seriously. If it did happen then so be it, but there is the thought that some of them might not want to come back. It wouldn’t be the first time that actors decided to say no to a sequel on the grounds that they believe that the first movie was as good as it was going to get. There’s a lot of conjecture to get through there, but it’s a good bet that this would be an issue that might have to be addressed. 

3. It would imply that Madison can’t anticipate Gabriel.

It’s true that Gabriel and Madison share the same brain, so it’s fair to think that Gabriel might be waiting for Madison to slip just a little bit so that he could bust free. The end of the movie actually featured the hum of electricity that occurred when he was about to emerge. But at the same time, it would imply that Madison was bluffing the entire time and might have known that she couldn’t keep a constant guard on her brother. That’s definitely an angle to be worked, but at the same time it comes off as kin of a weak and deliberate failsafe put in place to create another story. Usually, that’s a good thing to do in order to maintain interest. But here it feels like prolonging something that should be over and done with. 

2. What else is there for Gabriel to do?

Seriously, would the entire movie be centered around Gabriel trying to kill the last of Madison’s family? Apart from that, it doesn’t feel as though there’s much else for the character to accomplish since Gabriel was going after the people that decided to excise him from his sister’s back, and he did that. He killed a few other people on his way to vengeance as well, but apart from being a vengeful killer, one would have to wonder what else Gabriel was going to do since there didn’t appear to be a lot of purpose to his life apart from the killing that had already taken place. 

1. The first movie wrapped things up nicely.

The movie didn’t really dawdle that much when it came to hitting one point after another, and it’s fair to say that was able to explain just enough of what was going on that people could understand and come to think that Gabriel was a raving lunatic, or that he deserved revenge. Some folks do cheer for the villain after all. But at the end of the movie, it might appear that things could go forward, but it’s also best to think that the movie was over, done with and that Madison would keep Gabriel imprisoned as long as humanly possible. 

Gabriel and MadisonGabriel and Madison

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