Five Post Credits Scenes That Should Have Been in the Movies

Five Post Credits Scenes That Should Have Been in the Movies

Five Post Credits Scenes That Should Have Been in the Movies

People have come to love post credit scenes largely because they show a little bit more of the story and give rise to the fact that we haven’t seen everything and that another movie will be forthcoming eventually. Of course after a while the post credits do tend to drag on just a bit as you finally want to see just what everything’s been alluding to up to that point. But the MCU has been one of the greatest innovators when it comes to the post credit scenes since people will remain in their seats as the credits begin to roll just to see that one snippet or more of what might be coming up next. Once Thanos was revealed in the first Avengers movie fans absolutely lost their minds as they began to think of the implications, and Infinity Gauntlet and Infinity War started becoming a very big reality since the purple-skinned titan is known for this among several other things.

Post credits have become one of the biggest reasons that some people even go to the movies anymore.

5. Thanos revealed – Avengers

People went nuts when they saw this. Those that didn’t read the comics and had no idea what this meant were obviously perplexed about a mysterious figure watching the earth from afar and taking interest in it at all. But fans of Marvel comics were riled up to no end when they saw Thanos and realized that he’d been the one backing Loki the entire time. This meant that things were about to go south for the heroes of earth very quickly and as the movies continued to roll by you couldn’t help but wonder just when Thanos was going to retrieve all the Infinity gems and execute half the universe with a snap of his fingers.

4. Groot dancing – Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 1

It’s kind of odd that Groot would never dance when Drax was watching, but it was also a funny effect. Groot is perhaps the most fun-loving member of the group and has been kind of the heart and soul of the Guardians in the movies. But throughout everything he’s also been one of the most overlooked characters for a few reasons. One is that he doesn’t talk much obviously and another is that despite the fact that he does have a personality it’s hard to really show it since trees don’t generally have a big range of emotions that anyone can see. But Groot is still one of the favorite characters for scenes like this.

3. Deadpool shooting, well, Deadpool – Deadpool 2

Come on, everyone that saw the Origins movie had to be waiting for something like this to finally happen. It would have been great before or after the credits as it was shown, but there were fans in the theaters cheering this as Deadpool took care of business and finally righted a few wrongs, or was at least seen making the effort. Ryan Reynolds was after all a bit verbal when it came to bashing certain parts of his appearances and why they seemed like a bad idea, but at least this seems to make up for it. Deadpool is probably one of his hands down best films ever and the fact that he got to go back and clean a few things up was pretty awesome.

2. The Wasp suit revealed – Ant-Man

It seems likely that one of the only reasons why this wasn’t in the film to start with was because it would have become Ant-Man and the Wasp right away rather than leading into the next movie. But to be honest that’s how the duo started out anyway. The MCU has definitely been torn up and pieced back together a bit since the directors started taking over, but at least they’re starting to get on the kind of track that fans are enjoying now and taking their cues more from the source material than their own heads. Granted there are still a lot of things that could have happened differently but for the most part the movies that have come out in recent years have been pretty well done.

1. Starscream leaving earth -Transformers

There had to be a least one post-credit scene that wasn’t from the MCU or something that had to do with Marvel. The first Transformers movie, the live-action one anyway, was a source of controversy for a lot of fans since it seemed limited in how many Autobots and Decepticons really made it into the lineup. But to be honest if the entire roster had made it there might not have been a lot of room for the humans to remain and the story would have had to be a lot different. Be that as it may, the post-credit scene showing Starscream running off as he usually did in the series was indicative of the fact that there was likely to be another movie coming since he was either running away out of fear or was going off to get reinforcements.

Post-credit scenes are one of the best ways these days to keep people interested in going back to the movies.

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