Five of the Best Moments from The Lost Boys

Five of the Best Moments from The Lost Boys

Five of the Best Moments from The Lost Boys

It’s been agreed upon more than once that The Lost Boys is one of the best vampire movies ever made, but despite this claim, and even though I agree, it is still kind of a campy movie in a lot of ways since it takes the vampire genre into the punk rock era in a way that’s a bit silly at times, but also great because it all comes together somehow in a way that was perfect for the time period, and has endured in the decades since. But like many movies that came from the various eras that people enjoy, The Lost Boys is one of the many movies that people can’t help but like since for one, it has a fun cast that came together in a way that was hard to beat, and two, vampire movies are almost always worth a look. Several scenes in this movie are worth thinking about more than once since they were either hilarious or they were pivotal points in the movie.  Here are five of the best moments from The Lost Boys. 

5. Grandpa to the rescue. 

Out of all the scenes in the movie, this is one of the best, and not because it’s a last-second save by one of the kookiest characters in the movie, but because GRANDPA ALREADY KNEW about the vampires and had been taking precautions against them for years. There were clues about this matter such as his reluctance to head into town that often, but a lot of people no doubt took this as a sign that Grandpa was kind of an oddball and nothing more. But when he showed up to save the day near the end of the movie and then ached so nonchalantly about the matter it was a hilarious turn

4. Nanook defends Sam. 

The transition from human to vampire is something that’s depicted in every vampire movie, sometimes in a quick and brutal manner, and sometimes as a slow, drawn-out process that takes a little while. But in this movie, the hunger does eventually start to break Michael down as he fights against it as hard as he can. One thing that some movies don’t have is an animal companion like Nanook, who’s Sam’s most loyal defender as the dog isn’t about to let anyone mess with his human friend, not even Sam’s brother. One thing about dogs, in the movies they’re usually all business when it comes to defending their human companions. 

3. Sam meets the Frog brothers.

The Frog brothers are one of the several aspects of this movie that a lot of people remember and are most fond of since they’re goofy as hell but they end up giving the movie a bit of the personality that is needed to shine. The main character of both the sequels that came along a while after the first movie was Edgar Frog, as Corey Feldman took center stage. Needless to say, however, the sequels weren’t exactly up to the same caliber as the first. The Frog brothers, vampire hunters, and comic book experts were definitely in need of a real education on vampires, but they were needed. 

2. Maggots and worms.

Vampires are known to be tricky by design since they can’t exactly walk up to their prey and demand that they offer themselves up as a meal. Humans might not be on par with vampires when it comes to their abilities, but it’s wise for immortals to know a few tricks, though in this movie those tricks were used to torment Michael a bit, as the visions of eating worms and maggots was absolutely rancid, but it was kind of cool that David was able to do such a thing. That did make it easier for Michael to believe that it was safe to drink from the bottle of blood that was handed over to him after he’d lost his appetite. 

1. David’s death. 

As final fight scenes go this wasn’t the best in the world, but it was meaningful in a way that it showed how Michael wasn’t being controlled by David even if he was still well on his way to becoming a full vampire. But the fact that David’s death didn’t reverse Michael’s condition was a surprise to some folks but not to others. For one reason or another, David never felt like the big bad of the movie, as he was more believable as the powerful second in command, but not the overall leader. Kiefer Sutherland did play a great part in this movie since he pulled off the role of David in a way that wasn’t too severe and wasn’t yet wasn’t weak in the least bit.  The Lost Boys is bound to be a favorite movie for a while, and it’s fair to say that plenty of people that grew up watching it can quote more than one scene. 

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