Five Movies That Weren’t Nearly As Bad as Fans Suggested

There are times when fans and critics collide and times when they agree on movies, but while some folks ignore critics and go with fans, there is also a time when it’s better to make up your own mind and not listen to anyone since there are movies out there that aren’t that bad when you look at them from your own point of view. Fans and critics alike tend to paint a vivid picture of what they see, and even those of us that write opinion articles do this, but the underlying concept behind every movie is to simply enjoy what you, the viewer, enjoy. A lot of us can say whatever we like about a movie since that’s our perspective and the points of view that we parrot back across the page can go a long way towards explaining why some movies are actually pretty average to good when others might say that they’re not worth a steaming pile of, well, you know. There are plenty of us that have gone on to say why one movie didn’t work as well as we believed it did thanks to peer pressure and because of what critics and everyone else had to say. But if you really think a movie wasn’t that bad, then maybe it wasn’t.

Here are a few movies that really weren’t as bad as the fans want to believe.

5. Pulse

There have been so many ghost stories that have been touted out to fans since the invention of cinema that trying to list them all and then state how one is better than the other is kind of impossible. Pulse had a compelling story that was able to draw people in and to be fair it’s still one that creeps a lot of people out since the idea of ghosts coming through technology these days would be absolutely terrifying since some people get the shakes if they’re away from their phone or PC for more than a few hours. Just imagine the threat that might be posed if such a thing were to happen now.

4. Star Wars IX: Rise of Skywalker

A lot of people were kind of disappointed that Emperor Palpatine had been hiding out all this time, amassing his forces and basically making Anakin Skywalker’s sacrifice useless since he had a contingency plan in place. But to be fair, this was better than hearing that Kylo Ren had met up with some sentient alien that looked like a horrid cross between a frog and spider and was a Sith to top it all off. It would have been nice if Snoke would have been more than just a puppet, but at the same time, it would have been nicer to learn that more than one Jedi was left in the galaxy since there were too many notes that were left unfinished in this trilogy.

3. Sixteen Candles

Amazingly, most of the bashing that’s come to this movie has been in recent times when the ‘woke’ crowd suddenly forgot how to take a joke and that humor is able to come from some of the most messed-up times. Apart from that, the really screwed up moments in this movie aren’t born out of malice or even an intent to harm anyone in any way. If one is being honest they’re the foibles that come from being a high schooler and thinking that one knows more than they actually do. On the whole, this movie is hilarious since it’s a parody that even the stars have forgotten was supposed to be funny.

2. The Punisher

If this isn’t second on a person’s list when it comes to the best Punisher performances in history, seeing as how there are only so many, then it’s hard to explain why anyone would think that Ray Stevenson or Dolph Lundgren were any better. Thomas Jane was a little stiff now and then in his delivery, but one thing that people need to remember about this character is that he’s never really been “Mr. Personality” since his entire family was killed and his angle was that he was going to get back at the people that did it, and then he went on to become an anti-hero that didn’t give second chances as the other heroes did.

1. The Replacements

Movies like this should be taken for the comedies they are and should probably be a wakeup call to the pros that says ‘you ARE replaceable‘ since plenty of guys out there that are in good shape and can perform on the field would love a second chance to get out there and put the pads on. One thing that a lot of people somehow missed about this movie is that the replacement players weren’t there to take over, they were there just to play and get another shot at being on the field. They just wanted to play, not be a bunch of whiny millionaires moaning about inconsequential problems.

Like the movies you want to like, ignore everyone else, even me.

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