Five Movie Characters Who Were Loosely Based off of Charles Manson

Like any other countries, America has had its share of dark history and the name Charles Manson drives chills into anyone who is familiar with the American past especially when it comes to matters cult and serial killers. For those who are yet to understand what I’m talking about, Charles Manson was one of the most prominent American criminal and cult leaders back in the early 60’s, and to date, he plays a significant role in pop culture as he was also a musician in a rock band. Manson successfully formed a cult and had many followers who believed that their evil deeds would cause a revolution.

Owing to that his followers killed about seven people one of whom was a famous actress known as Sharon Tate. Although Charles Manson is dead now, he indeed left a mark because to date there have been myriads of movies which are based on his cult. Nonetheless, even though you can never tell that a particular film or character is based on Manson’s storyline some of the producers are bad at what they do, and even a blind person can tell that they get inspiration from Manson. Today we bring you five of the characters who are loosely based off Charles Manson.

Khorda- Death master

Although it’s a vampire film, the storyline is inspired by Charles Manson’s cult, and Khorda is the lead actor who portrays Manson’s characters. It begins with Khorda washing ashore and then goes to a nearby village where he corrupts the minds of the young people there. Similar to how Charles Manson corrupted the minds of the hippie followers he had into believing that murdering other people would cause a revolution.

Charles Manson – Haunting Charles Manson

This movie is directly based on Manson and the producer does not even try to sugar coat it as the main character is Charles Manson. The role is played by Stephen Cardwell who gets arrested. Nonetheless we give credit to him because unlike other movies which are said to be inspired by Manson, he is creative with the plot because in this case Manson gets haunted by a spirit which forces him into confessing the crimes he is involved. Renowned Roman Polanski plays the role of Manson’s haunting spirit.

Conrad – Manson family vacation

In comparison to the other movies on our list, the plot of the Manson family vacation is way much better and does not have the hippies who are typical of any Charles Manson movie. This one revolves around Conrad who is the character that one can clearly tell is based off Manson and his brother Nick. Conrad is the killer while Nick is just a witness to all the murders that his brother does with his followers.

John Michael Paymon – Last Shift

John is one of the characters who is loosely based on Charles Manson except in this movie he and his followers are ghosts. John Michael and his said followers met their death in the police holding house, and anyone who happens to take a shift in the house gets haunted. One female officer is the one who happens to go through the most as she is on her first night shift thus you can tell where the name of the movie comes from. Nevertheless, our point of focus is on Paymon who clearly depicts Charles Manson’s personality. In the film, Joshua Mikel plays the character of John Paymon while Juliana Harkavy plays the female officer.

Makee K Blaisdell- The Manson Massacre

Although it’s a short movie, one can clearly tell that Makee’s character is based on Manson’s storyline. In the film, Blaisdell is a monk who sleeps in a coffin and lives with five other women who are supposed to be his followers. It is an early eighty’s movies, so the creativity is not entirely on point. Apart from just murders, the six also engage in grave robbing, shoplifting, and even orgies.

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