Five Moments on Curse of Oak Island that Went Too Far

Five Moments on Curse of Oak Island that Went Too Far

Five Moments on Curse of Oak Island that Went Too Far

The idea of lost treasure is something that has captivated people for centuries. Even though it’s very rare that anything of real value is ever found, that hasn’t stopped people from looking. The History Channel series The Curse of Oak Island is a prime example. The series follows Marty and Rick Lagina as they scour Oak Island in search of hidden treasure. Along with the help of their team, they use a variety of tactics to search high and low. After seven years on the air, the Lagina brothers still haven’t found anything of major significance, but that hasn’t stopped viewers from tuning in. Still, however, there are quite a few times things got a little ridiculous and some fans feel like the series is just stringing them along with no real end in sight. Here are five moments from The Curse of Oak Island that went a little too far.

1. Striking Gold

Even people who aren’t treasure hunters know that finding gold is usually a good thing. Needless to say, any time the possibility of gold is brought up on The Curse of Oak Island everyone gets pretty excited. Unfortunately, though, the findings are always minimal and they never lead to anything more promising. However, during season 9, there was a moment that many people thought was going to be a game-changer. While searching near the Money Pit, the Lagina brothers and their team found some metal while drilling. Through carbon dating, it was determined that the gold was from sometime during the 1480s. However, lots of viewers were disappointed that there was so much build-up only for them to be let down yet again.

2. Massive Find At The Money Pit

Season 9 of The Curse of Oak Island has been full of interesting moments. I guess after eight previous seasons of never really finding much, the show is looking for new ways to keep viewers hooked. The moment when the team discovered the location of the Money Pit was definitely one for the ages. At this moment, Lagina and the rest of the crew were really hopeful and they attempted to uncover even more valuable evidence. They thought that by digging in the location they would eventually uncover a hidden vault, but at the moment they haven’t found anything of the sort. Some people would agree that this moment went a little far, but others think it was actually a great moment of progress for the show.

3. Secret Hatch

When you’ve been searching for something for as long as Marty and Rick have, any little bit of progress is meaningful. So, you can only imagine how excited they were when they uncovered some clues that they believed would lead them to a secret hatch. Yet again, however, Marty, Rick, and viewers were extremely disappointed when no actual treasure was discovered. In the comments section of the YouTube video for this clip, a user named Vanilla Gorilla wrote, “I believe I’ve solved the Oak Island mystery and discovered the real treasure. The real treasure is the interest from the intro’s and the story build up, that gets you to watch the next clip, episode and do your own research on historical people and equipment that’s been at the island. Then the revenue generated from YouTube clips like this and the writers ability to turn one weeks work on the island into a season worth of episodes. ”

4. The Portuguese Connection

If there’s one thing The Curse of Oak Island does well, it’s build anticipation. Anyone who watches the show can tell you that the suspense is what always keeps them coming back for more. During season three, that suspense reached a boiling point when the team uncovered a stump and some carvings that they believed meant that Portuguese explorers should be in the area. In general, they made some pretty big assumptions that ultimately turned out to be wrong. What seemed to be an important find quickly fizzled out. People who have been watching the show since the early days probably consider this to be one of the most disappointing moments.

5. An Unbelievable Find

During season six, Rick and Marty thought they came across a groundbreaking discovery that they believed was connected to human remains that had been previously found. Even though the discovery was hyped up, it was yet another dead end and it left many viewers feeling annoyed. After all, there are only so many times people can be disappointed before they simply stop caring. The reality is that so far, all of the discoveries on Oak Island have been blown out of proportion.

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