Is it Time to Cancel The Curse of Oak Island?

When The Curse of Oak Island made its debut in 2014, no one really knew what to expect. Would a show about a bunch of grown men hunting for lost treasure really be enough to keep people’s attention? It turns out that the answer was yes. The series has been going strong for the last seven years and people have fallen in love with Marty and Rick Lagina and the rest of the team. Not only is The Curse of Oak Island a huge success, it also spawned two spin-off series, The Curse of Civil War Gold and Beyond Oak Island. The franchise has provided a unique look into what’s like to search for treasure, and it’s been very educational. Each season, people continue to tune in in the hopes that they’ll get the chance to witness Rick and Marty make the huge discovery they’ve been hoping for.

Even  after so much popularity, there are some people who can’t help but wonder if the series has started to run its course. Is it finally time to cancel The Curse of Oak Island? Here’s what we think.

Why Do People Love The Curse Of Oak Island So Much?

Even if you’ve never gone hunting for any kind of treasure, we all know the great feeling that comes with finding something we’ve been looking for. Perhaps that feeling is what initially sparked a lot of people’s interest in The Curse of Oak Island. On top of that, the mystery of the island itself is certainly enough to real some people in. The history of treasure on Oak Island dates back centuries. Legend has it that there is a curse which states that seven men will die while searching for treasure before it can be found. To date, six men have died in that quest.

Maybe It’s Male Bonding

Some believe that the mystique and adventure is what keeps people tuning in every week. A writer named Tammy Swift shared another interesting theory on why the show is so popular. In an article she wrote for the Duluth News Tribune she said that she believes the show is so popular simply because it’s “manly”.

She continued, “There are very few women on the show. It’s like “The Magnificent Seven” go treasure-hunting. “Oak Island” seems to be as much about brotherly bonding and their testosterone-fueled adventure as it is about finding the actual treasure. It revolves around men talking important issues in the “war room,” huge earth-moving equipment, high-tech devices and booby-trapped flood tunnels. The show is rich in history and mystery and incredibly complex conspiracy theories that link whatever’s buried there to everyone from the Incas to Pirate Captain William Kidd to the Knights of the Templar.”

While Tamm’y theory may seem a little far fetched, it does bring an interesting perspective to a question that really doesn’t have a legitimate answer. I guess the reason The Curse of Oak Island is so popular is for the same reason as any other show: it just is.

Is It Time To Say By To The Curse Of Oak Island?

No matter how much you love the show, you have to admit that it’s getting a little old waiting for a big discovery that probably wont happen. In fact, during the show’s entire time on the air, there haven’t been any huge discoveries. For that reason alone, there is a strong argument that the show should be canceled. After 8 successful seasons, it’s only a matter of time before people get tired of being strung along.

At the same time, there are lots of people who watch the show with the full understanding that they likely won’t ever see any major discoveries. Some people simply like going along for the ride and learning about the different methods used to hunt treasure.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 9

As of yet, there hasn’t been any announcement about The Curse of Oak Island returning for a ninth season. While this doesn’t necessarily mean the show is canceled, it could still be a red flag. Since the eighth season is already done, most people expected a renewal announcement by now.

Still, however, COVID-19 has caused a delay for a lot of shows. For that reason, there is a chance that the announcement is just running a little bit behind schedule. Even if the show does end up getting canceled, however, it’s certainly had a good run. At the end of the day, that’s all any series can really ask for.

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